A spoon full of sugar

I’ve been ill for the past few days and my new mantra is “you’re not the boss of me.” Needless to say nurse Ratched has been on the case. I said I didn’t want chicken soup, so I got beef stew, I didn’t want V8 so I got apple juice, I didn’t want to take some mucus medicine so she got dayquil. I put my foot down, so there. 🙂

Laying up has given me time to do what I love to do, which is think it occurred to me the other day and I made mention of it to the girl that in all of our talks before she came here I never gave any thought to if she could cook. I knew she knew how to make a good cup of coffee, but not food. What the hell was I thinking? Well what I was thinking was that we would both cook, or rather if I felt like cooking I would and if not one can never go wrong with a turkey and cheese sandwich. But thank the Goddess she does know how to cook. She’s really good at it too.

I tease her that she’s got all of my five friends smitten with her. When another master was getting her slave’s possessions in order when she died, the girl sent me over with food for her. When the sassy of our little crew was going through a hard time she reached out in friendship to him. It’s these things that make me proud of her. There’s always this talk of what a “real” slave is. For me it’s always been that a my slave is an extension of myself, but more. I can bounce ides around with her, I can tell her what I’m thinking and in each case know that she knows me well enough to make me look at things at a different angle. She has her own mind and is not afraid to use it, when it comes to me. Yes granted there are time I get more then I want, but she comes with an off button. When I’ve heard enough I just say so.

The other day I joked with her about how she at times takes things too far. I tease her about her mouth not being made for talking and her brain not being for thinking. In that I mean that there are times I’ll mention something and she’ll give me the whole historical background. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and it’s those times her mouth is not made for talking. Other times I’m thinking of something and will make mention to her in passing. She’ll put so much thought into it that a day or two later she’ll come to me with a dissertation of the thought. Really, I didn’t mean for it to be that deep, so I have to remind her when I do this her brain is not made for thinking. Afterall I do enough thinking for the both of us.

So to those who want the definition of a “real” slave I say first define what you mean by the statement.

For me my slave is my cooking, my confidant, my shoulder to lean on when I’m tiered, my sassy girl who knows how far she can go, my silly partner in crime and my nurse Ratched when I’m ill even if I’m not the best patient.



About Raven

To much to state here. I'm intrested in many things. The important thing you need to know is that at the age of 20 I decided to put something to rest. My families luggage. don't get me wrong they gave me a foundation for many things. But I had to build on the foundation and be true to myself. Hope you find your truth.

5 thoughts on “A spoon full of sugar

  1. jade says:

    LOL…She makes me sound far nicer than i really am. Medication time, Gentleman! (i also bought nyquil, three kinds of kleenex, sinus medicine, three kinds of juice, fruit, and some kind of stuff the pharmacist recommended to keep her nose from drying out). i have fumigated the house, put an insane amount of veggies in everything, and bought her a new toothbrush today. Yes, i do know i sound a little crazy.

    She forgot that i’m also her laundress, mule, errand girl, maid, comedian, and pain taker. 😛

    Sir Raven is not allowed to die so i’m forcing her to get well. Ahhh..the power…!

  2. night owl says:

    Jade may be a little crazy but she’s definitely my kind of crazy. Hope you’re feeling better soon, Raven. As if you have a choice.

  3. aisha says:

    Hi, Raven.

    It’s me, aisha. i hope you’re feeling all better ~ i’m so glad that Jade is taking good care of you.

    So. i was just wondering – we’ve been talking over on my blog about doing a Kinky Bloggers’ Convention. i’ve wanted to for the longest time, and my friend Ms. Constance is planning the Bluegrass Leather Pride Event the first weekend in March. We’re in Louisville, Ky, home of the Ky Derby, and a wonderful kink community. More details about the event are available here https://fetlife.com/events/148883

    In any case, the reason i’m contacting you is because jade said that’s it’s too far for you two to come. Well, and that you were scared of the south, but we’re not really south and i think you’d have a really good time. In fact, i would put all of my Ky hospitality efforts into making sure y’all did have a good time.

    And i would love, love, love to meet Jade and you. So i asked Jade if i could talk to you about coming to our event and she said i could, but i think she really wants to go to some other M/s conference too, and i’m betting you can’t do both.

    But if you decide to do one of them – and if the other M/s thing is a definite no – then please, please, please, think about coming to Kentucky. It really would be fun. And you’re a blogger too so that would make it doubly cool.

    If you have any questions, i’d be delighted to answer them.

    Get lots of rest and take care of yourself, or let Jade take care of you, and thanks for listening.

  4. Raven says:

    This sounds great, but due to life events in Nov and Dec we have to hold off with going to events this year. We had planed on going to SPLF in Texas, or BL in FL but need to replenish our funds. We are hoping to attend the master slave convention in Maryland this Sept if we can afford it. Then plan for next year.

    For the record I’m not scared of the south, I spend most of my childhood summers in Alabama and you can’t get more south then that. LOL I would hate to come off as some uppity Yankee? I sure hope this is not going to be the last time the event happens and with some planing we’d love to come to KY. Who could resist good whiskey, the derby and beautiful women in fancy hats and gloves?

    • aisha says:

      Thank you for your response, Raven. i certainly understand financial limitations, and will hope that you and jade get to go to the M/s convention in Maryland this fall. And i’m glad you aren’t scared of the south ~ just for the record, i didn’t really think you were. From what jade tells me, you are not the type to be scared of much ~ i think she just said it cause she knew it would get a reaction from me. Lol…

      Alabama is much more “the south” than Kentucky, and we like to think we’re more urban here than the rest of the state. Ok, compared to NY City, urban might actually be stretching it, but we try hard.

      There will be future events, hopefully this will happen annually (i know Bluegrass Leather will, hopefully the blogger part too} and you and Jade have an open invitation to come visit my Sir and me. The Derby is perhaps a bit overrated, but we could do the Bourbon Trail and who-knows-what-else anytime. 🙂

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