Yesterday, Sir Raven really needed some rest and down time. i really needed to do a lot of homework because we are buried in required readings this week and i’m having a real damn problem with how the text is presenting PTSD. So, i am doing what i can to write my papers in a way that provide a more thoughtful approach than what the textbooks author pulled out of her ass. The work is taking significant time and effort.

So, Sir Raven was resting in bed reading and i was trying to quietly read and clean. The cleaning job was not exactly perfect because scrubbing the bathroom walls is not exactly a peaceful sound.

When she comes out of the bedroom, after the floors have dried, she sits on her loveseat.

“Come here,” she says, indicating the floor by her. i kneel quickly and she wraps her arms around me in a snuggle. When she starts to pull back, i say, “just one more minute, just one, please” and she laughs a little and says, “I will allow it.” We both snuggle closer in a shared laugh. That was the best moment of my day.

i note with great cheer that she wrote a post and then read it. In a mock insulted voice, i tease her, asking if she noted when i wrote about the doctors visit, i never pointed out how “someone was all up in my vagina.”

Fortunately, her friends like me a bit too, and Sir Raven has already broken them in to her ways. i appreciate that hugely. i’m shy about odd things, like, say, having a doctor all up in my lady parts or buying tampons from a man. The people who read this and see us in person are not gonna ask, “hey jade, how was it having your gyn exam?” But really? Is nothing sacred? (laughing)

Sir Raven says, pointedly, that she doesn’t judge my entries. And we laugh about it. We tease each other all of the time with threats to blog about one thing or another. She grabs me roughly on the train and i react by telling her, “Now you have done it. I’m gonna be blogging about this.” Or she will do something crass and say, “Blog about it.” Or she will threaten to point out on the blog that i served her dinner late or something. We tease all of the time.

This morning, before Sir Raven leaves for work, she points out that i have a lot to do today. i cringe and think about the mound of laundry to do, the first time this has ever happened. My head bows in acknowledgement of my errors. Satisfied, she says, “Good, then I don’t need to make a list for you.” i nod, miserably.
She comes over and kisses my forehead, my nose, my mouth and is silly about it going back and forth between my nose and lips in rapid succession. “Behave woman,” she says, handing me back the lunch i had packed. i messed up the clean kitchen again last night, cooking shrimp for her to have with a nice salad for her lunch today. i laugh that now she doesn’t want it. It sounded good to her at 10pm. Now, not so much.

i have no idea what i’m cooking for dinner and need to figure that out right now. i need to sort laundry, get some loads down the the laundry mat and done, get groceries, check my bank statement, take out the garbage and recycling, pay a bill, and stand on line in the family dollar without buying the easter candy. We need candles for the house altars, garbage bags, and smokes so i have to go there. i need a shower and to reclean the bathroom too. i spent all morning working on schoolwork and have just now come up for air. i’m wondering at this point, if Sir Raven or i would have generated the longer list.

i’m thinking me. 😀
Um, i think.

Have i said lately that she is the goodliest Master in the world? Yeah, its still true. 🙂

OMG It’s one pm. How did that happen???
Yeah, no time to spell check here. Sorry about that! Gotta run.


2 thoughts on “Moments

  1. night owl says:

    I feel blessed to be let inside your life today.

    No spell check necessary!

    • jadescastle says:

      i feel blessed by my life too. That is the most wonderful thing. i think ppl don’t always pay attention to the wonderful little moments. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing in the life i have.

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