Girl Math part 2

It has taken me four hours to do thirty-five problems.  FOUR HOURS.  

i really did mean it when it told girls that math needed them.  i did many rousing and enjoyable hours of Math with the gifted kids, though i did advise them not to pick me for their team before i had enough coffee.

Then, i cheerfully decorated my walls with the many notable Brilliant Folks who had flunked at least one math class.  That was for my benefit.  Heh.

But this?  Oh. My. God.

We are supposed to sitting around, reading each others steps, and pointing out where someone might have improved upon it.  Then there is the mind numbing homework.  After all of that misery, i managed a score of 89.  For the briefest of moments, i allowed myself to breathe.  i screwed up a lot of time by not knowing i had not put a common in where it belonged but the answers were correct.  

Then i went to look in the gradebook.  It says i took too long and logged me out.  There is nothing.  Like i did nothing.  

i sent a frantic email to my professor, who has the nerve to be a girl who can apparently do math.  

i feel like i could throw up.  This is a nightmare.  



2 thoughts on “Girl Math part 2

  1. sirqsmlb says:

    I am sooooooooo sorry. You WILL get through this.


  2. jadescastle says:

    Thank you! (hugs)

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