i’ve been fighting a cold since Monday.  So, i’ve been resting a lot because my body really need it and Sir Raven told me to.  At first, i was hoping it was just the rainy weather that was making me all stuffy and miserable.  But no.  

Sir Raven was supposed to be going to something after work yesterday but texted me at five to inform me that she may just come straight home.  i had been dopey on the chaise most of the day, gotten as far as sorting the laundry and looked apprehensively at the piles on the floor.  i had not fixed anything for dinner because i wasn’t expecting her home til nine or ten at night.  

i took some more cold medicine and had a shower.  i got everything piled up and hauled down to the laundry mat.  Feeling better that she would at least have clean clothes for work, i ran into the grocery store for creamer and ingredients to make turkey meatloaf.  It was a hot mess in there since i forgot it was food stamp day and i could hardly get through the aisles.  i was getting annoyed with standing on line because i was sick and didn’t want to listen to the bitching in English and Spanish around me about the line.  It’s like repeatedly honking your horn.  It doesn’t make the traffic move faster.  

Sir Raven texted that she was coming off the train to meet me and then called to find out exactly where i was.  Um.  Damn.  It’s one thing to waste my time but quite another to inconvenience her time.  i was getting more and more tense as the line moved inches at a time.

A good slave, i think, would have had her chores done.

It’s like living with slave Jiminey Cricket on my shoulder and i do everything in my power to shut that up because it just isn’t helpful right now.

Someone behind me is blasting rap music loud enough that it drowns out some of the bitching.  Some guy breaks line and there is more bitching.

The same guy steals his chicken and everyone is incredulous.  

i just want out of that line.  Sir Raven is waiting.  i’m feeling dizzy.  i’m annoyed because the slave jiminey cricket voice is correct.  i could have gone earlier.  i should have gone earlier.  i thought i had several extra hours and was thinking that another hour and i’d feel better.  More medicine and i’d feel better.  A quick nap and i’d feel better.  All day long.  

The line took so long that i was surprised when she was outside the store, waiting, and not amused.  i didn’t have much to say for myself.  What could i say that she didn’t already know?

She carried the groceries home and watched me put the clothes in the dryer, dejected.  She went home and i got everything folded up and packed back up.  

When i got home, Sir Raven said she had to fend for herself, noting the empty bowl beside her that had contained a cinnamon bun and ice cream.  My head hung lower at the evidence.  i wasn’t home to greet her, she had to make do and wait for me.  

i was going to cook but she decided on having breakfast for dinner.  i always thought that was fun when i was a kid.  i got the bacon in the oven and the clothes put away, feeling sick and miserable.  

After she eats her bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns i ask if she is still mad at me.  


She can’t understand why i can’t remember what days are the food stamps days.  i thought it was the first and the fifteenth.  She can’t understand why i waited so late in the day to go get things done.  She says that i will have to break my plans for today to walk through the Botanical Gardens “for my romp” if i don’t feel better.  

i giggle then and point out that it sounds like she is letting puppies out of a cage to roam around.  

She reminds me that i won’t be getting out of my cage (the apartment) if i’m not better.

Evidently, she decides to put aside her irritated Master feelings to kiss my forehead, note that i’m clammy and then give me a hug.  She is used to me being prepared, having things done.  Not this slovenly approach.  i was relieved when she finally hugged me close and accepted my apology.

The morning is slipping away from me.  i’ve been trying to work on my laptop, which will no longer launch windows and the system restore isn’t working.  i’m frustrated, to say the least.  And i’m stuck in the bedroom, i’m behind in homework again, and i just realized i forgot to get the other card to get into the botanical gardens.  Apparently, i’m not romping anywhere.  Damn.  

i have all kinds of stuff to get done in the house and another trip to the store because i was in the five items or less lane last night.  Sir Raven is off tomorrow and might want to eat something.  i’m sick of being sick and am glad it is starting to get a little bit better.  


3 thoughts on “Grumpy

  1. sirqsmlb says:

    As my favorite children’s book says, some days are like that, even in Australia. I hope you feel better, darlin’. Colds in the summer suck more than other times I think. It’s just miserable.

    Feel better soon!

  2. sofia says:

    The only thing worse than “food stamp” day in the grocery is senior citizens discount day. Omg. It’s like a 20 minute penalty. And the parking lot is scary as hell ~ little old women and men peering over the tops of their steering wheels… yeah.

    Of course, i’ll be in those ranks before too long. i figure i’ll go to the grocery about 5 a.m. 🙂

    Hope you’re all better now.

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