i am deeply thankful that this weekend went well.  Our MAsT chapter went on a field trip!  We are really blessed to have such opportunities in NYC and that people who don’t live in or near Manhattan have ways to find support.  

We had to get up really early because no matter how hard i try, i’m slow.  It makes me feel bad for Sir Raven, especially when she greets everyone with an announcement of how slow i am and how early we had to leave home to make it to the halfway point.  😦

i have taken to pointing out that if i must hear how slow i am, despite my best efforts, that i might as well wear heels from time to time.  At least, that way, we would be getting something attractive out of it.  Maybe it is my attempt to appeal to the Man in her, or my way of making myself not feel so different from other women.  It would be nice sometimes.  My white cane gets stuck all over the place and it can be annoying to try and navigate large crowds for me, especially when all i can figure out for sure is that there is movement coming near me.  My instinct is to get out of the way to protect my body from being jostled.  Sir Raven has worked with me to just push through, and has no issue getting people’s attention to move when they stop to text or whatever right in front of me.

We had a really nice last weekend, exchanging knowing glances and grabbing each other’s hands to avoid making each other laugh out loud at the presentation.  She put her arm around my shoulder and hugged me, and i felt forgiven for my inability to keep up with her long stride.  She’d say that i don’t need to apologize, even though i do, it’s frustrating for both of us.  i do appreciate Sir Raven does all she can to make me comfortable, buying juice and making sure i took the new medicine on time, helping me get to the bathroom in strange places, and holding my ticket for the train.   Honestly, i also appreciate that she eventually forgave me for letting her run out of sugar for her coffee.  i had been told to stay inside and work on my homework and reading because i was going to have no chance to work all day Sunday, when everything is due.  

Hearing the warning tone in her voice that morning, it seemed like a bad idea to bring this up, and i just backed slowly out of the bedroom.  Actually, i had thought that i had sugar in the frig, but it turned out that was brown.  0.0  

Sir Raven wouldn’t have minded me making a quick trip to grab sugar for her coffee, most likely, but she is used to the house having whatever she needs in it.  The new meds have wreaked havoc with that last week, as i was dizzy and unable to do much the first several days.  She planned out going for for several meals with friends alone, and i didn’t want a house full of food that wouldn’t get eaten.  So, i have been slower and less efficient the early part of the week.  It has gotten much better though.  

i suppose one day i’ll be slowly wheeling her into a mass of strangers when she is old.  Heh.  So she has that to look forward to.  

The school week is going badly.  i’m really frustrated by the lack of human decency and by finding out just now that we have a twenty page group project due in about two weeks.  😦

Two of the group members have done exactly nothing.  

The group is working on same-sex marriage as a human right, only because i was outvoted by just making marriage a human right for all consenting adults.  The other lesbian in the group said it “wasn’t about sexuality” and ignored my point that bisexual people are forced to continue to choose who they would marry, even if they have a choice to marry the same-sex partner.  Then, people said that poly was cheating and making it “legal to cheat.”  (What?!)  I said that people who are inclined to cheat will do that, and always have, regardless of the law.  Good grief.

At this point, it has becoming an exhausting effort to get anything done and i hate group work anyhow.

Sir Raven had asked me to do some research for her, which is why i proposed this topic to begin with.  I’m trying to focus on that and not so much on how annoying and tedious the group is being.  One person is intent on injecting religion into it, even though I have said that I think each house of worship has the right to decide if they want to perform non heterosexual marriage.  That has nothing at all to do with legal rights.  If Atheists can legally marry and enjoy some 1.300 legal rights, why in the world do we have to debate this point?  😛

By the time Sir Raven got home from work last night, I was delighted to settle back with her and watch parts of “The Voice” and forget about the frustrations of the day.  Oh, her other suit came in.  You know how has the world’s most handsome Master?  Me!  That’s who.  😀



One thought on “Thankful

  1. mala says:

    Sounds like your Sir is kind to you 🙂 And it sounds like you’re in school with the same idiots I was in school with 15 years ago, LOL… 😉

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