The Good Life

There don’t seem to be enough time in the day, and it’s been taking its toll on things I’d like to do. I’m pretty good with time management, but this week has been a bit overwhelming. I was to write-up the minutes for the MaST meeting, call back a few friends, and I have to stay on top of that since I only have a few friends, I’ve been preparing (tweaking) my resume for a position I’m applying for and have another interview this week. I also have to update my automatic bill pay. As I tease the girl that I have to keep her in the lifestyle she’s become accustomed to.

Not many people know that we run a book discussion group. *We started in May of this year in conjunction with our MaST meeting group; we have a diverse group of people who show up. Some of the members are from our MaST group some from word of mouth and other groups. We discus books with a power dynamic theme, focus on relationships, alternating between fiction and non-fiction and all variations of gender and sexuality. It’s been rather fulfilling. Afterwards, we usually go for the lunch special of sushi and sake, but like everything in this city the place changed in a matter of a month to a Thai place, which put the kia-bash on our after party.

*this is the royal we, since the girl is on a forced march

Saturday the girl walks into my work place and informs me that the internet wasn’t working at the house so she came here. I got a phone call that the boy’s jeep was broken into, and the window was damaged. They were going to drive to work and park it in a garage, then find a garage Saturday they could leave it in until it could get repaired. It was a long day, but it was a pleasure to look over and see the girl working on school. It was like bringing your daughter to work day. Only that I was beat by the end of the day.

On the way home-dragging ass I might add, I got a text from the boy, and when we arrived from the underground rail road that is mass transit I got a call about how the boy couldn’t remember a garage to park the jeep for the night. It had been a long week at work and their brain was fried I’m sure. The girl suggests the garage around our way and just as suggest it, the boy says they are going to park around our way.  The girl is walking funny because her back is experiencing spasms.  I’ve made mention that there are times as the “Master” I want to throw myself of the floor kicking and screaming “no,no,no I don’t wanna.” But as the “Master” I have to have a plan and keep the ship steered in the direction I want to go. So getting the girl home and meeting up with the boy was my priority. We all got to the building at the same time. It was the first time in a long time the three of us were together. The girl ran to the bathroom popped a pill sitting on the chaise; the boy dropped their bag and sat on their dirty self on the floor, and I went to check the router for the wireless. A few minutes pass, and I make my way to the bathroom, the girl gets up to get water for us and the sweaty boy ask to take a shower.

Cleaned, feed and wine later, I’m reminded of the book discussion tomorrow. And I remind them of the minutes from the meeting. They both reply that they sent me the minutes the same day. Uggh, I totally missed that and checked. Yep there the emails were under all the other emails I got. And I didn’t even finish reading the book let alone spend time, real-time with my family. We stay up far too late or early 2am and finally go to bed. The next day all I want to do is pull the cover up and stay in bed, but I get ready to leave. By noon the girl, and I head out to Purple Passion. There was much mashing of teeth by me, comments of “poor Master” from the girl, the boy was left to clean up the breakfast dishes and do laundry.

Did I mention there are times I want to throw myself on the floor like a 2 year old?



About Raven

To much to state here. I'm intrested in many things. The important thing you need to know is that at the age of 20 I decided to put something to rest. My families luggage. don't get me wrong they gave me a foundation for many things. But I had to build on the foundation and be true to myself. Hope you find your truth.

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