A Cold Day In Hell

The new year is two days in, this evening I came home from work and while sitting on my spot I joked that tomorrow was our anniversary. She seemed confused.

Her: really I thought it was the 24th.

I thought this was cute, she will not come right out and correct me. Of course I know when it is.

Me: Nope tomorrow will be 8 degrees, a cold day in hell, you know what I said it would be when we did the domestic partnership.

We laugh, it’s been a long time since we have laughed together.

We spent the last two-day of the last year, and the first day of the new year talking about some deep shit. I thought it would be months before we laughed again. I’m glad that I could make her laugh.

I’ve been so bogged down lately trying to figure out how to bring the sun to our household. Hearing her laugh made my skin tingle, it reminded me of music coming from someone’s window and hearing a person sing along with it on a summer’s day. While you too hum along.


About Raven

To much to state here. I'm intrested in many things. The important thing you need to know is that at the age of 20 I decided to put something to rest. My families luggage. don't get me wrong they gave me a foundation for many things. But I had to build on the foundation and be true to myself. Hope you find your truth.

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