Fiona’s and sophia’s Questions

What is your favorite and least favorite quirk in each other? What is your favorite leisure time activity? What are you looking forward to most in your Master’s program?


My least favorite quirk in Sir Raven is her tendency to rush through everything.  It’s very hard for me to always do that both physically and in terms of trying to enjoy the errand or trip and mentally map out where we are.  i prefer to get where we need to be and pause.  Get a cup of coffee, relax for a minute or two.  She prefers to treat the entire event like its an episode of The Amazing Race and we must rush willy nilly until we are home again.  My most favorite quirk is our constantly silly behaviors with in jokes and our ability to play together.  We both laugh at inappropriate times and events.

My favorite PG leisure activity is when we watch movies in bed together, which we do almost every Sunday.  It comes after her breakfast in bed and my shower.  i put on a fresh nightie and make snack plates.  We usually have cheese, crackers, humus, grapes, summer sausage and wine.  Sometimes, i bake or we have chips (for her) and popcorn (for me).  i show love with food and time so stopping everything to spend two hours in bed is really welcomed at the end of a long week.  

My favorite PG leisure activity outside of the house is when we go to the botanical gardens, because she slows down eventually and takes stunning photos.  i am an ocean girl but the place that soothes her soul is around flowers and dirt.  It’s really nice because we eventually stop rushing and just enjoy each other and the day.

What am I looking forward to most in my Master’s program?  Um.  Being done.  Also, having the skill set i need to help people and learning because i really do love to learn.  

i answered sophia’s questions but i did it in the comments.  Oops.  So, here are her questions and answers.  In case anyone hasn’t noticed, sometimes the obvious thing to do is a bit lost on me.  Heh.  i rather doubt that happens to be Sir Raven’s favorite quirk of mine.  lol.

Sheesh. Hard question. :)

Okay….so one hard thing about being Sir Raven’s slave is when i feel like i can do something to help her and am not allowed to. Sometimes, it is something practical like knowing she would like to have her favorite snack in the house, but i am not allowed out because of the safety factor. i obey. Sometimes, i am aware that she’d feel a hell of a lot better if she beat me but i can’t offer myself in that way. It’s always her option but i can’t influence it in any significant way and that is very hard for me.

The easiest thing about being her slave is trusting in her and believing in her because she shows me that i can safely do that every day. My Master is a wonderful protector and provider.

In the future, i’d like to have my Master’s degree and be making enough money that SR can retire early and in comfort. She’d like to have a home with a yard space for a garden, and i’d like to work to help make that happen. We both would really love to have a larger living space.  We also would love to travel and see England and Paris.


6 thoughts on “Fiona’s and sophia’s Questions

  1. Raven says:

    The easy part is just loving her as my slave. The hard part was coming to terms that although she’s legally blind she can see right through me to the parts I keep hidden from others.

    In the future I’d love to have an apartment/house with a room that’s just for us to paint. I miss doing that, but it turns into a project to set up and break down.

    I don’t think of doing things separate from the girl. But since I’ve made mention of this twice I’d have to say bike riding. I love riding and would love to do this with my girl. LOL As with everything I have a plan to make it happen.

    I had to copy and paste this here, since my lovely slave took a suggestion and didn’t tell me. Got to love her 🙂

    • sofia says:

      And I find myself thinking about your bike riding plan, and wondering if it’s the same as the thoughts i have…


      • jadescastle says:

        lol. Well, i hope not. The goodliest Master has proposed plans such as her biking while tethering me behind her on skates. 0.0
        In more realistic options, a bicycle built for two. 🙂

        My own plan was finding a place that rents three wheel bikes because at least i won’t tip over on my head when i hit something in central park. Heh.

  2. Raven says:

    @SIRQs this is hard, I had to really think about this, because she does things that I don’t notice anymore in the short time we’ve been together. I think that she rocks would be a quirk. She’s not aware that she’s doing it, but I’ll start felling sea sick. I can get her to stop by calling her rock-a-bye baby. Which is an inside joke between us. The thing that I really appreciate about how we move is that we are able to bring to each others attention something that might be a pain in the ass (not in a good way) 🙂 with little jokes about each other.
    I tend to get a word or phrase stuck in my head and sing about it over and over. The girl is like” oh you wrote a song about it huh?” Which is a nice way of her asking if I’m done. Then we laugh.

    My favorite leisure time would be when we spend time in bed looking at movies with a snake plate and wine.

  3. Fiona says:

    Thank you both so much for sharing … Both answers to questions but so much of yourselves!


  4. sofia says:

    I love your answers! It gives me a wonderful view of a wonderful relationship… Thank you – both of you. 🙂


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