Got Pride?

We had a glorious, if too short, weekend.  Poor Sir Raven had to work Saturday and came home tired.  i had a sudden silly inspiration before she came home to set up a table in the living room, so we could eat at a candle lit table together.  i had been thinking that she might enjoy it and, if she did, i could do it on Saturday’s for her.  She eyed the table with suspicion, for a moment, as if waiting for me to confess some naughty behavior like the time i broke her Depression-Era glass bowl.  

We enjoyed our meal and just spending quiet time together, talking.  Afterwards, i took off the table cloth and returned the folding table to it’s place in the kitchen.  She had to help, because the legs are hard to close, but she didn’t mind.  🙂

Sunday, we had a late breakfast and Sir Raven streamed pride from NYC and San Francisco, letting me watch the finer points while getting homework done.  i poured her white wine and made a snack plate of cheese, crackers, grapes, and summer sausage.  i made brownies, for later, and had her favorite gelato in the frig.  She enjoyed time on the phone with friends and watching pride.  When i started to take a break from work and a shower, she called me to her.  “What are you doing, girl?”  i stopped, mid way from taking my nightie off and faced her, wondering what the right answer was.  “I was going to shower but…” and let my voice trail off.

Her hand went around my throat for a delicious moment, her teeth grazed my shoulder, and she led me to the bed.  She ripped my lace panties down the ass and began to warm my skin with her heavy flogger.  Unused to the sensation, but enjoying the warmth turning to heat inside, i let myself relax into it.  Her canes hit with deliberation and it felt like welts were forming when she calmed me with her hands.  Even though she hit me with her hands, it made me calmer, relaxed me back down so i was ready for more pain.  It felt so good, so right, so us.  i never saw the knife, but felt her cut my panties off, exposing me for more.  Expertly, she made me cum so fast and hard that i could not manage to speak for several minutes, which she took advantage of by beating me harder.  

After, i got her shower ready and waited my turn.  The shower was sheer bliss, reviving me after our fun.  We went back to watching Pride, having snacks, and enjoying our day.  i also did homework before i asked for a break.  Sir Raven brought home Disney’s “Frozen” for me and we had brownies, fresh strawberries, and vanilla ice cream in bed.  After I cleaned up the kitchen again, i dropped off Rasberry Iced tea and laughed at the remains of my panties, on the floor.  i told her she should take a photo because with the panties, wine glass, candles, and bits of uneaten strawberries in a chocolate glaze on the plate told about one way to celebrate pride.

There was a poem about Lesbians, enjoying their love on the fourth of July, called, “Lesbian Bed Day” and i thought of it as i cleaned up and put the roasted chicken in the oven for dinner.  We had lovely day and hope everyone felt the same love and pride we feel in each other.

Thank you, Master.


2 thoughts on “Got Pride?

  1. karida says:

    “I do give everything i have and i think she does as well.

    Even in dark days, she still had control, took control, was responsible, took care of me. Even when i didn’t deserve her protection.”

    There was a time not so long ago, that I heard you say, “I gave everything I had” and I lamented on it in my own past relationship. I wished I could say that, but it wasn’t my truth. My console was found in saying, “I way loyal”, honest, and trustworthy, Then I felt I could say I was “a lady” and recently I have been thinking about what that means and I may write about it.

    As for the dark days and how Sir Raven protected you, it had triple folded my respect for her. It showed me there are people who take their M/s seriously. And jade, you did deserve that protection, you deserved it the minute she took you in her house as her responsibility. I hope I can remember that and find that for myself.

    How lucky am I to have you two to model a healthy M/s relationship? Very.

  2. jadescastle says:

    We have our ups and downs in life. i think what helps the most is we both share the core need for control. One can’t have control without accepting full responsibility for the outcome. Thanks for your love for both of us, especially during the dark days. xo, jade

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