Broken Human

i am trying to work and am treated to intrusive thoughts.  Thoughts on being broken, waiting to be picked back up and built back up.

Last night, i had a dream where i felt the warm sun on my face, where i felt like a girl again who still believes in making wishes on pussywillows and telling stories in the dark.

We made a pact, you and me, promises in the middle of urban life.

i wish it was all easier, that i could just brush my ass against you or kiss you deeply and ignite passion,

For me.  Passion for me, for us.

But i can’t.

i have no influence and no way to know and no more wishes and no more hope, save one.


2 thoughts on “Broken Human

  1. sofia says:

    i’m so sorry! i so understand.

    hugs… and more hugs…. and MORE hugs…

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