Merry Christmas




This is my second attempt. Sheesh. While i’m looking for my pleasant demeanor, enjoy this pics!
i had a whole post done and wanted to add pictures and somehow erased everything!

Remember the best date ever? Yep. Those are my Lions, all dressed for Christmas. i married the Beast and got that Library! Very fitting indeed that my band comes from that store, yes? 🙂 And, of course, the Fortitude came home.

Then, we had a gift exchange and i was spoiled again with an Eiffel Tower keychain and clutch. Sir Raven warned me to not be upset that i had no more gifts. i wondered aloud how anyone could possible feel upset when they were so spoiled.

Winter solstice came and so did my Bear!! Soft, so soft! He isnt allowed in the bed because Daddy says he is too big. She also gifted me with a pride and prejudice zipped pouch, my necklace (a funny nod to CNC, with Alice chasing the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole, which is apparently located in between my breasts).

My favorite part was giving Sir Raven her gifts and finding out which were her favorites. 😀

This morning, after an illness that has dragged on for too many days, i woke up when Sir Raven got out of bed. She hushed me and told me to stay in bed. So, even though i very rarely ask her to bring things to me, i asked for my medicine because it couldn’t wait. She sweetly brought it, along with the last of my gatorade. Realizing i wasn’t going to be able to go back to sleep, i called from the bed, “Daddy? Do you think i could have my cigarettes, please?” She comes back with them and says, “Would you like me to bring you coffee in bed, too?” “Oh, no, thank you Master, that would be too much.” And we both busted out laughing. Laughter and being able to consume my first cup of coffee in days was the best Christmas gift ever!

Karida is in her own home now, but i tried to call her earlier. i can’t wait to hear how she liked her gifts and if her daughter’s liked theirs. i loved the “sister” pandora charm from Karida, because we both have a matching one. i didn’t realize til this morning that she also gave my teddy bear a lovely gift. She is wearing an entire ballet outfit and couldn’t be happier!! Sir Raven had to help me get her fat little foot into her ballet slippers, but don’t tell anyone!

Karida and i joked that Sir Raven bought Levi, my new bear, because she would literally do anything to avoid Build-a-Bear. Even buy a soft bear from Papyrus! Heh.

i hope that everyone has as much love in their hearts as I do, this day and all days. i am grateful beyond measure that Sir Raven and i woke up laughing, take care of each other in illness, and enjoy each other immensely. i’m also pretty darned happy that we get to spend the day relaxing, watching Dr. Who marathons! i’m one very thankful slave.


2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. sofia says:

    Ahhh, what a lovely post, it exudes happiness. Beautiful pictures, especially your charm, and of course it’s a delight to see you and your bear.

    Btw, i am with Sir Raven on avoiding Build-a-Bear. Just saying…

  2. jadescastle says:

    Heh. She likely spent five times more buying Levi from Papyrus. Oh, the woes of being the slave to a self-professed snob. lol. Sir Raven tells me, with pleasure, that she has elevated my taste level. i remind her that i picked her, so i always had good taste. i was under exposed before though.

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