Real Neat Blog Award


Thanks for the Award and for the questions, sofia.  In true Sir Raven style, i’m sure she will make a Masterful decision about answering these (or not).  🙂

Here are the questions from sofia:

1.  What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you involving TTWD?

The funniest thing is probably the time we played hard in public while people standing around were saying things like, ‘Oh my God, she is actually beating that girl!”  And then the collective gasp when i was sent to redress and instinctively pulled out my white cane.  “Oh my God, she was blind!”  

The entire play party was set up to be a medical party, hosted by Sir Raven, who was really pissed before we played because people just kept walking into me.  i finally realized that people coming and going from the dungeon thought it was a dress up prop, like the people who showed up with crutches for fun.  Heh.

2.  Who is your role model or hero?  (In the lifestyle or not.)

Maya Angelou

3.  What’s your favorite kink activity?

Bad Daddy.  That is shorthand for the times Sir Raven picks me up by the steel collar, slams me around, and beats the shit out of me until i sob and beg for mercy.  It’s the most satisfying.  Likely because we both go over that edge together, and have to share trust in a way that holds sacred space to be who and what we really are.  Other than that?  Force, especially when it involves things she loves and i hate mixed with sex.  It’s satisfying in a pure way.

4.  If you were granted one personal wish, what would it be?

i guess a “personal wish” couldn’t be world peace?  To not be sick and in constant pain anymore.  That would likely be the best thing i could wish for when i think of Sir Raven.  i started to say to have wealth enough that her comfort would always be satisfied without needing to ever work again.  One of those two things, as i’m not sure which one would be best for her.

5.  What is your greatest strength – the quality you value most about yourself?

i’m devoted/loyal.

6.  If you could give one thing to your Dom/Master (or to your slave, if you’re the Dom) what would it be?

For her to be able to know, all at once, the full extent of my love and devotion to her and her will.  Or enough money for her to retire in comfort, have a large home with acreage and gardens, have a larger apartment in nyc, and travel around the world while i can still see some.

7.  What’s the most important thing to you about TTWD?

Our Owner/property style of M/s.  That she is genuinely in control of every aspect of my life and that i please her with my obedience and eagerness to please.

And i nominate Karida over at

These are the rules for the Real Neat Blog Award:

1)  Put the award logo in your post
2)  Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you
3)  Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs
4)  Let them know you nominated them

My 7 questions for Karida are:

1.  What is one thing you are grateful for right now?

2.  If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

3.  What do you think you bring to a relationship that is unique to you?

4.  What is your favorite place to visit in NYC?

5.  What are good ingredients for a Daddy/girl relationship?

6.  If you could take a vacation anywhere, where would you want to go?

7.  What is left on your Little Bucket List?  😀


2 thoughts on “Real Neat Blog Award

  1. sofia says:

    Yay!! Great answers! Thanks for playing!

    Your funniest moment may be a bit on the ironic side, but i chuckled as i was shaking my head.

    Yes, a personal wish is “not world peace.” 🙂 You ended up with two wishes for SR, but i guess that works. I don’t really expect SR to respond – if they do, i’ll be delighted of course!!



  2. morgianacontentlycaptured says:

    Wow – this is wonderful! And congratulations 🙂

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