Slavery is

washing, mending, hauling, mopping.

Slavery is saying, “i love You” with a tercet of beads.

Red, black, white.

Six of each.

Six-a sacred number.

i think of my Master while i bead:

The red of her crown, her black magic, my white magic.

i spent five hours beading on Sunday, three before we went to MAsT.

Red, black, white.

Cooking, baking, cleaning, listening.

Red, black, white.

Composing emails, talking over the news, making bruch.

Red, black, white.

Skin on my finger and thumb develops callouses.

No matter.

Red, black, white.

praying, cleaning the Altar, keeping the energy sweet, sitting at her feet.

Red, black, white.

This is the way i show my love.  Every colored bead, every bead of sweat, every step that feels like my muscles are ripping.

Red, black, white.


i adore You.

Red, black, white.



One thought on “Slavery is

  1. Audi says:

    This is beautiful! Well said.

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