Chronic Illness and slavery

i have fibromyalgia, which is a miserable and painful condition-it’s like a terrible flu on a good day.

i have had arthritis since i was 19, have several degenerative discs, and herniated disks in my back and neck.

i have migraines and i’m legally blind, with flashers and floaters.

i have been asked many times lately how i manage to serve Sir Raven and push through these factors.

Today’s list had 18 chores to get done during the day, plus errands and my evening chores.  i got everything done, including a trip down to Fordham Road, and cleaning out a bunch of stuff in the bedroom.

So, here is what i do when the going gets tough (pretty much in this order):

1. i remind myself that service is my Master’s love language and pushing through will show her my love and obedience.

2. i make a list every day, which i turn into Sir Raven.  i know if it’s on the list, i’ll do everything humanly possible to do it.

These two things alone are often enough to get it all done.  But, if not:

3. i remind myself that i’m a slave-and slaves obey and serve.  In other words, this is what i signed up for.

4. i take (extra) medicine when i need to.

5. i plan tasks that require strength (hauling groceries, for example) earlier in the day, before i’m exhausted.

6. i take my nap, early if i need to.

7. i talk to Sir Raven (via text, usually) as early as possible if it seems that i might need to ask for permission to do anything different from what she is expecting from the list.  If she tells me to get it done-i obey.  If she tells me to rest-i obey.

i’m just really determined that illness isn’t going to dictate my life, pain isn’t going to stop me from giving everything i have.

When i asked Sir Raven if she could think of anything helpful to add, anything she knows i rely on to push through for her, she said, “Yes.  You aren’t a pussy.”

So, apparently, there is also that.  😛


One thought on “Chronic Illness and slavery

  1. morgianacontentlycaptured says:

    Like I said – Inspiring… I have not been getting enough sleep – I realized today if you can push through this – I better be able to push through my little things… *hugs* You are amazing.

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