Photographs and memories

The first time i dressed Sir Raven in her chaps, i was on my knees looking up, and whispered, “Goddamn,” like it was a prayer.

i could not understand how something that sexy, that mesmerizing, was into me.

Tonight, i had a hard -to- find and favorite beer in the frig for her as a little surprise.  i had spent the day toiling on chores, laundry, and shopping.  In between i enjoyed texting and planning, smiling deep inside for so much good.  The leg behaved and didn’t try to drop me all day.  The house is clean and i’m ready right on time, with candles lit, make-up freshened, all smiles and hugs for her.

She enjoys the rest of the black bean chili i made earlier and then has me dress her in her chaps.

The view is something i admire greatly, and i steal photographs.  In one, she brings her boot down as if to stomp on me.  i had tried laying down on the ground, wanting a different angle.  While she disappears behind the wall for a few moments, i take photos of myself, semi-nude.  i grin and remind her of the list, it had a raunchy item on it for three days this week.  She grunts in reply, has me adjust her chaps, and walks back out to see herself in our only full length mirror.

i offer to send her my dirty girl pics, but she says she doesn’t want to see them, that she prefers to take her own of me.

Then she turns on the television and i remember that i said i’d blog today.  So, here i am.

i have at least half a dozen photos of her in chaps. 😀

She is fed, the kitchen is clean, the french press set up for a new day, a new list started for tomorrows chores.

Finally, i have time for some quiet, after a long day of chores and too many sounds of something being sawed and hammered next door.

Today, i am grateful that i can still be surprised, can still surprise myself, and have the devotion i need to get it all done.


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