The role of service is only secondary to cheerful obedience in this house.  Yesterday, I got the house properly dusted and mopped.  Someone wrote asking me to post my cleaning schedule, and this is pretty much it.

Daily Morning Chores:

Make french press, put away clean dishes, sort recycling to take down, make the bed, shower and make-up, clean bathroom, wash ashtrays, sweet and mop house.  Wipe down countertops and stove.

Afternoon Chores:

Errands, laundry, shopping, homework, dinner prep.

Evening Chores:

Cook and serve dinner, clean up the kitchen, bring Sir Raven iced water and meds, set up the french press, make her lunch if it’s requested.

In Addition:


Dust livingroom, do laundry, wipe outside of the cabinets, go over menu for the week, clean out and wash frig.


Focus on reading my chapters for school, groceries, beer run.


Dust livingroom, scrub bathroom floor, Farmer’s Market.


Short papers due in both classes.  Start long paper due Sunday for each class.  Study for tests.


Change sheets, dust bedroom, groceries.


Finish up any items that got moved around from last-minute changes or Dr. Appointments.


Serve breakfast in bed, clean kitchen and bathroom.  Everything is due for school, take tests, if any.


Wipe down walls, wipe down baseboards, pull out all furniture to wash underneath, make monthly list for BJ’s, wash comforters and blankets.


I’m sure I’m forgetting some things, but i’m wiped out.  We made a huge BJ’s trip, for her Summer Reading program, her Spiritual Birthday, and our household needs.  Then, we ran over to Target, for the fastest shopping trip ever.  We needed silverware and glasses.  Sir Raven parked while I ran the boxes of treats in for the program for her kids.  Then, we worked to get a car load into the house.  i got everything put up while Sir Raven returned the car she rented for us to get all of this done.  It was pretty funny because the car was really Lux inside but made all of these sounds like it was going to just start flying at any moment.  Heh.

She let me get another sippy because i drop my cup every. Single. Day.


That’s what happened to the glasses.  Me.

Fortunately, her friends are gracious about the whole thing and i’ve been unable to make it to TJ Max to buy more.  I’m spending hours upon hours on my classes, because evidently Grad Students are allowed to be tortured.  Heh.  I’m so damn lucky though to be able to earn this degree, so that is what i’m focusing on.  And you saw the rest of my list.  At least four days a week, i sit up and work on school work or do other things i don’t have time for otherwise.  Research.  Blog. Decompressing with word puzzles.  Meditate.

This is also our personal household Crunch Season where we have to attend Spiritual Events where i have to spend hours talking.  Egods.  i’ve gotten tons better at it, because of Sir Raven, so it’s far easier.  It’s exhausting for me, but at the same time, i really love it.  Her Elders are so valuable and her Spirituality gave me a family.  i’m literally in love with the Shango in her and with us.  And so i’m delighted to learn more each year, grow to feel more comfortable and stop being so surprised when people say lovely things about me.  i always feel so much love.  Sir Raven’s Gods have become my Gods, and her people, my people.

So it is genuinely my honor to be allowed to help out, to know what to do, and to be able to act with grace.  Perhaps more than anywhere else, i see how we have grown as a Master and slave this year.  We have grown together, grown stronger, still in love.  i’m very lucky, both as a woman and a slave, and i always work so my service reflects that knowledge.


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