Happy days

Karida and i met up after my doctor’s appointment on Wednesday.  We had a decadent girls day! 😀  First, a tea party at Alice’s Tea House followed by a trip to Dylan’s Candy Bar.  i had never been to Dylan’s Candy Bar before but Karida remembered that I had admired a hello kitty hat in there and wanted me to have a chance to get it.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have that but they did have hello kitty stuff half off.  i got a new metal container to replace my worn out one.  i keep meds in it to be able to more discretely take meds in public but i also think its pretty funny to keep meds in a hello kitty skeleton.  After four years of hard use, the container started popping open.  So i now have a devil kitty because meds are much more fun when i remember my sense of humor, even though its weird.  😀

Thank Goodness for Karida being generally patient with me because i really wanted to know what all of the gummys were and there was a wall of them.  They have coca-cola gummys that are giant sized.  That was the best!  Then we had ice cream for dinner.  Did i mention decadent?  i didn’t get a lot of candy, which is a good thing, with the rest of the day.  i had been very carefully eating, living mostly off of greek yogurt and fruit and hummus.  Then in one day….sugar!  Sugar! sugar!  It was a really happy day, full of girls being girls.

Speaking of happy things, i talked to my doctor and she immediately called in pain meds for me.  In fact, after just looking at me they made space to give me an epidural/blocker injections but when she realized i was still (still!) taking antibiotic she said it was too dangerous and could cause a widespread infection to put a needle in me.  Good thing she wasn’t at the needle demo last weekend when i had multiple needles in me.  0.0  i didn’t think it was that big of a deal.  In fact, the only thing i was concerned about was not being male and needing to demo bottom for a room full of gay men.  i mean, the ladies are impossible to hide so i put them in a pretty bra.  Sir Raven punched in one set of needles, and i moaned and rocked forward in reply.  She said, “It’s a demo girl, not a scene” and delivered another punch, making a satisfied noise when i didn’t moan again.  Heh.

The men were gracious about allowing a femme demo bottom.  Fortunately, many know me and feel comfortable around me and they are genuinely a group of kind men.  i was glad we just were doing needles because i was feeling really shitty last week and didn’t want to let Sir Raven down.

Obviously, i didn’t mention being a human pin cushion last week to the doctor.  In general, i think it’s a good idea to mention S/m casually to health providers, if you feel safe enough to do so.  When i can, or if it is relevant to my care, i do.

Today, Sir Raven invited me to join her at her writers workshop.  i had a lot of reading and work to do for school, so she suggested i join her and work on my laptop while the rest of the group talked.  We shopped first and set up a snack table with fruits, cheeses, crackers, juice, and wine.  The group is always interesting to listen to.  i’m fascinated by writers who can write fiction, though it’s not my forte.  Today, i had to work, but i was happy to hear Sir Raven laughing over Siri reading my textbook.  i felt pretty bad for her on the way there, when my leg went down and i tripped somehow, and ended up sprawled on the street in front of the bus.  i literally couldn’t get up without her help.  i laughed and suggested my day of treats should not be a routine thing if she is going to have to help pick me up off the ground.  Poor baby.  i managed to rip up my knee and can still feel it here and there from falling hard.  Thank God for meds, which allowed me to still enjoy the day and tolerate the hour long ride there and back home.  It’s amazing how liberating it is to not always be worried about the next pain spike.

i go back to the doctor next week for the injections that help cushion in between my vertebra.  The idea, right now, is that i had pinched a nerve when i had my leg go out from underneath me twice in mid December.  i’m so thankful for some things working out and looking up.  😀










One thought on “Happy days

  1. olivia says:

    Sounds like a lovely day that you and Karida had. Worried about you falling down though…

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