Windows to the soul

On occasion, i take selfies.  Unlike a world seemingly desperate for attention, i have no interest in posting them on facebook.  i’m looking to see what is in my eyes, what secrets they betray.  i look at myself objectively, as if an observer, because what i find that way is often much kinder than how i view myself left to my own devices.  Sir Raven dresses me in ways that exaggerate my feminine form, showing off breasts, hips, and ass.  i had not realized how much my style had changed until two different people in Florida remarked that i had gone from “dressing like a nun to being dressed like a whore.”  In general, i hope that men who look enjoy the show, and if not-don’t look.  i feel a gigantic shrug, either way.  i show my body and take confidence in it for Sir Raven.  i see my body the way she instructs me to, most of the time.

When i start to see myself too negatively for too long, i take photos and look at them as if i’m looking at a stranger.  i’m generally surprised to find something beautiful.

At her work a few weeks ago, she casually demanded my phone so a staff member could take pictures of the branch.  It was then i recalled that i have taken some pictures that are revealing, and i don’t just mean what is in my eyes.  i occasionally send her breast pictures, or silly pictures, or offers for s/m while she is at work.  i haven’t done that in awhile, but i didn’t delete the pictures either.  She used to keep a file on her phone she called “her happy place” and they were nudes of me in the tub or wearing her marks.

i hardly ever think to remove my glasses and look, really look, at my eyes.  This is my updated make-up, a little less natural than i usually go for, but a look Sir Raven is liking.


2 thoughts on “Windows to the soul

  1. Ira says:

    Your new pictures show a much softer side of Jade. I like it very much.

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