So, the extra things i wanted to write on needed to wait.  Maybe tomorrow.  Last night, i sleepily waited for Sir Raven to come home from her Spiritual duties.  She was thoughtful and texted me, letting me know i could change into pjs.  i had been waiting, fully dressed, in case she had needed help carrying anything up the stairs.

i sat up and goofed off, played pet rescue on my phone, read blogs.  Sir Raven got home several hours later than we had anticipated.  She was so exhausted that i quickly made her a plate and poured her a tall glass of green tea.  Poor baby hadn’t eaten all day, except for fruit.  There were a few duties she had to complete before bed, so i cleaned up the kitchen again and stayed out of her way.

She told me she was going into work this morning, but would come home to relax after gathering what she needed for her work meeting Tuesday.  She arrived home around noon, and wanted a turkey and cheese sandwich.  We didn’t have that, or enough wine, or salad so out i scurried.  It seemed to take forever, people pushing in the overly crowded store.

i came home and was putting away the groceries and fixing her lunch.  It was a nice chill outside but too warm inside.  i was sweaty, overstimulated, and in pain.  Sir Raven came into the kitchen, pushing her new coffee mug into my gigantic ass, “How about moving this thing out of my way?” She meant to be playful, pushing the mug repeatedly.  And, like a perfect Bitch, i said, in an exasperated tone, “Honey, please.”  Instantly, i said i was sorry.  i moved out of her way and turned to kiss her shoulder and offer a real apology.  i felt like such a Bitch.  i know how sensitive she is, how easily i can hurt her.  What the fuck is wrong with me?  i was loving on her, running my hands down her back and ass, not thinking-and she turned to me, with a flat and angry tone, “What are you doing?” And i stopped touching, embarrassed, finished adding fresh spinach to her sandwich, mutely exiting the room.

i poured her wine, gave her lunch, and showed her the little gifts i had purchased yesterday.  Her coffee mug reads, “Plans for World Domination-but first, coffee.”  i bought a small 6 hour diffuser and essential oils for headache and tension for her office.  Assorted kurig teas for sharing.  i also found an excellent quality french press for ten dollars, for a back up.  i still want one that isn’t glass for traveling.  We’ll see.

i haven’t gotten a manicure in months, and that has allowed me to move my funds around for my upcoming trip and other things.  Sir Raven likes my nails being done, so do i, but it isn’t my top priority at the moment.

The rest of the day was quiet.  Whatever else the day could have been was ruined by me.  i was quiet, turned in work for school, encouraged her to relax, made sure she had plenty to drink and eat and calm energy around her.    After having so much to do for her Spiritual obligations and work, she needed the relaxation time.

She is heading to bed now, and paused to kiss me and thank for me for dinner and the relaxation.  That was really sweet.


2 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Chris says:

    If “ruining the day” was because you showed affection for Raven, and she got irrationally upset, then the mood is misplaced. And I certainly don’t see how “sensitive” she is. She comes across as uncaring and callous. It seems like she wants a servant instead of a spouse.

    • jadescastle says:

      I felt I ruined the day by getting frustrated. Sir Raven has very sensitive feelings and is easily hurt when I’m thoughtless. In this house, a servant and a spouse is the same thing.

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