i was thinking about adoration while i painted this.  i took the photo of Mary in Savannah because the stained glass was so beautiful.  The whole trip was beautiful and i’ve been wanting to use the photo in a piece for awhile.  The key goes to nowhere.  i happen to love keys and have kept a key to every place i’ve ever lived.  Sir Raven has a lovely collection of skeleton keys, and i might have used one of them, had i thought of it.  i suppose this key needed to be on canvas, or near Mary, or both. 🙂

When i tell Sir Raven i adore her, i do mean it.  The mother in me adores the little boy in her, but i never realized until we were in therapy together that we very often relate that way.  i go out of my way to love and delight the child inside of her, showering her with special treats.  Sometimes, at night, she has nightmares and i rub her back in slow circles and whisper, “You are safe sweet boy.  i am here sweet girl.”

When i tell Sir Raven i adore her, i also mean that i feel adoration for the Priest in her.  i’m deeply in love with the Shango in her.IMG_1282 i can see the best she has inside of her, and my adoration comes close to worship when she personifies her best, when her will comes through in action.  My Master is a dreamer, an Aquarius, a deep thinker, and she puts a lot of herself into these pursuits.  It’s been a long time since we reached a holy place together, one where she unabashedly delights in the Priest inside of her and the Priestess inside of me.  The other night, i stole a photo while she slept.  The candle light on her face made me remember and it longed to be captured, just as beautiful as any stained glass, in any cathedral.  i long for her to be my holy.




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