Sir Raven came home tired Saturday night, which was to be expected.  i almost went into the bedroom and put up the note and everything placed in the bed away.  i listened to Sir Raven’s day, poured her wine, and went off quietly to finish cooking her meal.  i prepared fresh brocolli, cauliflower, carrots, pesto, shrimp, and black truffle oil over spaghetti.  It’s been quite a while since i have served any dish with pasta.

She enjoyed her meal and headed off to bed.  i held my breathe in the living room, waiting to hear any reaction from my nudge.  i heard her make a small, excited, pleased sound and smiled but said not a word.  Sir Raven had already told me what we needed to accomplish on Sunday.  The next morning, we picked up the rental car and went to fill a pallet full of flowers and plants for her work building.  She had grant money to spend, and we had one day to get everything done.  We had both worked earlier in the week on preparing lists of possible items for work that needed to be take care of.  It took a while, but we got a lot done quickly in a very crowded store.  Once everything, including supplies, was dropped off, we headed home.  i took this photo right after mentioning the note, strap, and sex stuff on the bed.  i asked her if she liked her surprise and she assured me she had, but wished that she had seen it sooner and wasn’t so tired.  Sir Raven said it was important, something she wanted to do, we both need it.


We went home, i made lunch, and we got on Second life.  It’s rather like a MASt meeting, and i wish that Second Life enjoyed more support from people who practice M/s in real life.  i love that the girls gave me a dress, pigtails, and white cane.  i love that people are more relaxed, better able to elaborate than what often happens in a public MAsT meeting.  No one is there to show off, which is a relief in and of itself.  i don’t always understand what is going on in those discussions because a lot of the time it does not reflect my experience.  This time a lot of the talk focused on balance, and we have no real balance in our lives.  So i really had nothing to share.  Still, it has become something we enjoy.  IMG_0068.JPG

When Second Life was over, i served her meal and cleaned up.  i showered and shaved.  Sir Raven wanted to go to bed early, needed rest.  i was exhausted too.  This morning i woke up late, with a migraine, and had to ask for a later doctor appointment.  It was a zoo getting home.  Sir Raven hurt her back planting today.  i gave her meds, made her ginger tea so that meds don’t upset her tummy, and gave her a heat pack.  After that, i fed her steak and yellow rice.  i’ve just gotten everything cleaned up and am so thankful that i made it through the appointment, have meds to ease the suffering, and am in bed with Sir Raven.  Chilling and Netflix, a comfy bed, a soft teddy bear, a heating pad, and a beautiful woman next to me.  🙂  We need rest tonight.  Poor Daddy hurt her back.  Boo.


One thought on “Approach

  1. butchcountry67 says:

    I hope you both feel better soon

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