Dear Canadians,

Last night, i watched a highly disturbing documentary about the abuse, murder, and missing First Nation women in Canada.  Come on, guys.  We (and i’m speaking for all of America at the moment) think of you as our older, more mature brother.  You know, people you can trust to own a gun without using it on their own family members, innocent bystanders, and so on.

You guys can get drunk at the parties and manage to not just start raping women.

You know, more mature.


If Trump wins, my plan is to run like hell behind Sir Raven to Canada.  You guys might be our salvation.  We bravely toughed out bush Bush presidents.  We held our chin up through bankruptcies, hurricanes, floods, and naked hatred of women.  Trump is just too much.

i see a record number of Canadians reading me.

Hi guys.  i hear you don’t spank with belts there.  Fantastic.   You may be getting a few more residents soon.  Please be kind to us.  We are an arrogant, egocentric, hurting country in the midst of some unflattering growing pains.  Many of us want to be better than this-but we were told we are the best since infancy.  The luckiest.  The most advanced.  That is a great way to keep people ignorant without having to censor them.


As soon as i tell other littles and babygirls that there is evidently a No Belts policy, we are going to have one hell of a tea party.  Who’s in?  😀

On a very serious and tragic note:

We have to be able to help somehow here.  A society will never be greater than how they treat their women.  For more information:


2 thoughts on “Dear Canadians,

  1. butchcountry67 says:

    more mature ?? … ohhh wow Canadians get called lots of things but Mature ?? think I missed the memo on that one lol …

    ya it is sad that statistically it is indigenous women who go missing or are killed the most , it is not so common among all the other races, it does happen, just not as often, we are not a crime free utopia .

    my cousin Shelly Ann Bacsu went missing when she was 16 , no one has ever found a body or any trace of her

    we would be the same age, she was born either june 2nd or the 6th , and i was on the 4rth , we used to spend our summers and holidays together .

    Canada will welcome you and your Sir with open arms , and anyone else from the USA who needs to move to Canada , just bring really warm clothes because it gets cold here in winter…. really really cold , like arctic circle cold .

    aaaannnnnnddd Littles do get the belt here, just my Daddi hasn’t used one on me yet, she has got me with a ping pong paddle that she drilled holes in once, just once because I did get way way way out of line and thought she was joking and dared her …. ya don’t do that . just her rules for uncle and the other ( I don’t know what I call her yet, if she’s an uncle or aunt ) anyway her rules are no bare bottom spanking me, only she does that , and uncle Doom only uses her bare hand because she likes to pinch after each swat , and ya that hurts , even through pants , I think the girly tomboy catches it worse from uncle than I do because she freezes if uncle raises her voice , so ya I don’t know, I don’t ask, and I don’t wanna find out myself either.
    don’t know about the other yet , she hasn’t had a go on me yet so that’s kinda good i think. i just knows she makes brownies that will make you float to the ceiling , then eventually make you sleepy if you eat it .

    • jadescastle says:

      So much for my belt free utopia. Though I am a huge fan of brownies. Daring is bad? I don’t take anything too seriously unless there is a belt or strap involved. Just the word makes me flinch. SR had a Marine here for a while and I got it a lot harder than she did. Don’t assume the girly tomboy gets treated better because she’s a girl. Lots of daddies like to try and make little girls cry. If she freezes that is a sure sign that she won’t be wanting it to happen to you. I hope. I think you should have a whoppie cushion in your pants or something that could explode like pudding. Make dr doom think you pooped yourself lol

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