We had plans Tuesday to meet with my favorite Goddess and Lady.  We shared a meal and laughs.  Sir Raven didn’t choke through the whole thing, which means she has had two half way decent days in the last 12.

Yes. 12.

Sir Raven has been sick for twelve days, and i’ve tried everything i know how to do.  i’ve kept her hydrated, dug out old antibiotics for her, tried different meds.  Finally-finally-when she actually took the damn mucinex it worked well.  Frankly, anything over a week means she needs a doctor but she refuses to go.

So, she has been extra cranky.  The communication has been lacking and frustrating, where she thinks she said one thing but said something else.  Tuesday, this resulted in me standing at a hot bus stop, no shade to be found, for an hour.  Neither of us have been sleeping well at all.  In addition to my normal daily chores, i’m constantly trying to get her to drink or eat, make sure she rests and gets plenty of a/c.

i’ve been sick too, though never as sick as she got.  i’ve ran a fever for the last two weeks, pretty much non stop.  That tends to signal a fibromyalgia flare.  Half way through dinner with Sir Raven, the Goddess, and lovely Lady, my back starts doing what can only be described as back labor.  Once in a blue moon, my poor Master gets sympathy pains with me, and assures me it feels like back labor to the nth degree.  Ugh.  It hasn’t stopped in three days, interspersed only by sharp needle stabs, and feeling like a nerve has been exposed somehow.  i assume this means that the nerve cutting surgery wore off, or that i’m just in a flare.

Yesterday, i worked from the time i got up late-at ten, until 9pm.  i got most of the weekly chores done along with my daily jobs.  The bedroom has clean sheets and is dusted.  The frig was cleaned out yesterday.  Four loads of laundry hauled down, neatly folded and put away.  Whew.  That made the shopping trip today much easier.  BJs was packed, but we split up and divided and conquered.  The kids are having a party for reading at her work, we needed meats.  We got the party supplies dropped off, made it back to the house, and i hauled everything up the stairs but the toilet tissue and napkins.  i’m worried about anything that will send her into coughing fits and the stairs are hard on a good day.

Fortunately, she wanted meat loaf yesterday for dinner and i had it heated up in the crock pot and was ready to feed her the moment we got inside.  After everything was cleaned up, i took the first nap i’ve had in a week.  i woke up in time to make homemade pizza out of naan, with olive oil and peppers and real mozzarella.  It was so good.  i just took a second pain pill because i was doubled over in pain just now, looked at Sir Raven, and said, “Get this baby out!”  Ugh.  Just Ugh.

When this damn flare is done, i am going to go off the pain meds all together for several days, so my body can keep it working.  Sir Raven says we may go to the Botanical Gardens tomorrow.  i sure hope so.  That would be super sweet.

We have both hardly been smoking at all, which is good.  It’s making me feel grumpy with the pain, and aware of how often i smoke because i self-soothe with it.  i’m pretty pleased with both of us though, that we are getting through it.  i’m hoping we both feel better soon and get to enjoy some time together.


9 thoughts on “Labor

  1. 4evrfree says:

    I am certain that you do more in a day than I ever could accomplish. And I hope that you both feel better soon.

  2. butchcountry67 says:

    I know you do so much more than I ever do, when I get stuck doin chores I always stop and think about everything you do and you do it without complaint , so i try to not grumble , sending you & your Sir lots of warm fuzzy thoughts and hope you both feel better soon .

  3. mala says:

    I’m so sorry you are both unwell 😦 Being ill and doing all the maintenance you do must be so hard…. but I know you enjoy doing it for Sir Raven… I hope that if you do not improve that you will see a clinician of some kind… could be viral, of course, in which case there isn’t much you can do other than manage the symptoms… but of course you know that…. please take care of yourself(ves) ❤

    • jadescastle says:

      This is the comment that went to spam. Thanks for alerting me. i’m trying to manage her symptoms but she still has a cough, still sounds like her chest is congested. She will not go to a doctor at all. i’m playing nurse. Thanks for caring about us 🙂

  4. olivia says:

    AND i think you do more than i do. For sure, you do more for SR than i’ve ever done for MP. And i hate that you’re in pain. Hoping you’re better soon. Sending love and healing energy…

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