Wunderlist and Routines

Someone wrote and asked about the role of routines in my life.  i have check lists every day that details what i am doing in the morning, afternoon, and evening.  i already wrote about the protocols, and how Sir Raven gets a real-time notice when i have finished a task.  i tend to do several jobs at a time, then check them off.

i think you wanted to know what the chores were?


Get up with Sir Raven and make french-press, if able.  If SR is having a difficult time resting, i sit up until she is asleep.  If i’m in pain to the point of insomnia, i have permission to sit on the playpen and quietly write, color, watch tv, read.

i make her bed, clean the bathroom, sweep and mop the apartment, clean the kitchen, put away the clean dishes, sort/wash the recycling, wash ashtrays, add anything that needs to be added to the errands list.  i tidy up whatever she may leave around (socks, shoes, papers, garbage, whatever).  i usually practice reiki lessons and/or meditate.  i also read blogs and check emails.


Take down garbage/recycling, grocery shop, run errands, do laundry, have doctors appointments, dinner prep (get everything together, chop herbs/vegetables, marinade meats).  Have everything purchased put away.  Cook dinner, serve, clean it up.  Make her lunch, set up french press for the morning, rewash ashtrays, turn lamps off.  Consult list for the next day.  Write.  Make sure water/wine glass is full, ashtray dumped, snacks served all evening.

Sometime during the week:

Laundry (usually twice a week), wash walls, take everything out of frig and wash it, wash baseboards, dust bedroom, dust living room, wash the hutch and glasses, brillo pad oven top, sort laundry, pull furniture out to clean under sofas, wash windowsill, visit the farmers market (Wednesday). Try to text, email, call friends.


doctor visit, two pharmacy trips, pay bills, go over bank notice, keep my nails done, get ready for podcast or get together.

My goal is for Sir Raven to have absolutely nothing she has to do outside of working.  We talked about that tonight, actually.  We each have luxuries in life.  Sir Raven pointed out that i’d be homeless inside of two weeks in New York.  True.  i told her since i’ve been trying to save money, it made me realize how much luxury i have.  i usually get a starbucks when i pick up my meds, get pedicures, get manicures more often, will get myself a snack once in a while when i’m out and i always think of how lucky i am.  Sir Raven says her life contains luxury too-like not ever having to do anything outside of work.  She gets snacks in bed, cleaned up after, waited on-all day, every day.  i get her little treats all the time.  This week, it was brownies in her lunch and a stainless steel keychain that i think she loves a little bit.  The week before, it was a bamboo plant and her favorite lotion.  Just small tokens of love.  i also thank Sir Raven for something every day, thank her for paying bills.

We are going away for the weekend, and i’m super excited.  Its made this a short week though, and much to fit in.  i got most of the weekly chores done already, but have hardly stopped.  Today, i spent two hours dealing with the pharmacy and doctors office.  Sir Raven gave me a list of what needs to be packed, and i’m waiting until she decides which suitcase to officially pack it all.  i need to purchase a few things-extra wine and bustello keurig cups for the hotel room.  Maybe some small snacks, since we will have a frig.

We also talked about how upset i am about school, and how i feel like i’m still paying for something else that happened, because they are dragging their feet in deciding anything for the tuition waiver and now i have to wait until the end of August to return.  😦  i’m beyond frustrated.  Obviously, i can’t do anything else until i get this waiver resolved, but Sir Raven wants me to look into other schools.  So, i need to find time to add that in someplace.  i’ve been reading/studying and i’m sad that my brain has problems from being knocked unconscious so many times.  i’ll forget half of what i read by now, so i suppose i’ll be starting over there too.  On the plus side, it will let me get through the worst part of the year for me physically and i won’t have to struggle through a short semester.  i’m trying to let go and trust that this is what is best.


The hotel has an indoor pool, and i can’t wait to swim.  i have never ordered room service before and we might get to do that!  i’m very excited to be able to support a friend of ours.  i’m happy to be going on a mini vacation with Sir Raven.  Horray!


3 thoughts on “Wunderlist and Routines

  1. olivia says:

    Oh, yay for mini-vacations and room service! Your chores and routines sound a bit overwhelming, but at least you have a nice break coming up.

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