So funny!

Sir Raven has duly decided my kitty shall be named jubilee.  i think it’s hilarious with controlling the stuffies.

The other day, she points out, again-how this is the very last stuffy.  i sniffle and pout, point out all of her DVDs, book collections, art collections, 200 frigging audio tapes-

All of my stuff fits in a drawer, and three cubby spots, more or less.  My stuffed animals are my friends.  How can i have too many friends?

i point out that when i graduate, i need another bear.  She can’t argue with that flawless argument.

***The other day, we were in bed and it was close to midnight-

“Girl, are you awake?”

“No, Daddy, not really.  Did you want something?”

“Breakfast, but not too fluffy pancakes.  Your pancakes, girl, are too fluffy.”

i snorted laughter, awake now.  “Master,” I bust out laughing now, “Do you have any idea how good your life is when ‘too fluffy pancakes’ is your biggest marital complaint?”

i make bacon and eggs, i think.  But every time that crosses my mind, i tease her and giggle.  She also does not like my waffles, because they are too fluffy as well.  i have tried to grasp what is wrong with them, but she just would rather do it herself, than have something offend her on the plate.  Because she isn’t a perfectionist-at all.  Right?!  lol.


Last night, we did talk.  i pulled my floor pillow in between her feet, and she let me take off her leather converses and socks.  She listened to me quickly run through the list of packing, the news on the Meal Plan, and just chatter about questions she asked.  She liked her berry pie, but said it would be better with plain vanilla ice cream, so i got her Breyers today.

Tonight is her late night, so no s/m going on tonight. Understandably so.

i’ve got everything together in one suitcase, which she wanted.  i’m trying to pack everything that might be needed or wanted and also remembering that Sir Raven wants to pack fairly light.  So, that is what i’m doing.  i finally chose some shirts for her, because i’m thinking she will be too exhausted to care when she gets home.

i picked up the wine and her brand of kuerig coffee pods, cream, sugar, and disposable mugs-bc a hotel never gives us enough of it.  i have dark chocolate kisses, cold bottles of wine, and foot soak for the Masters.  i carry a variety of creature comforts from bathroom spray to baby wipes to insect repellant (from the baby line of burts bees) because Sir Raven cannot abide the harsh scents and it will cause a migraine.  i carry emergen-c for her, aspirin, muscle relaxers, migraine pills.  i need to get the meds packed up, but just about everything else is together.

i have a bunch of picnic stuff in the frig for when we get home.


i got wildly pissed off this morning, when her house shoe-which she will not go anywhere without-got somehow in a loose spring from under her sofa chair.  It has an ancient pull out bed, which NO ONE would ever want to sleep on.  But she insists it stay, so it stays.  i tried pulling it out, swept under there while i was at it, and couldn’t find the shoe.  i had to pick it up, and its incredibly heavy.  i wanted to throw it out the window, for a moment.  The loveseat, that is, not the shoe.


i don’t want SR to get injured lifting it.  i also decided to wait and see what pans out of the situation bothering me before i talk about it.  i just want us to go and enjoy the weekend, come home, enjoy being home together before she has to go back to work.  i’m really happy we are going.

i did talk to her about what she promised, which was cuffs or choker, and she agreed.  i pointed out that we both enjoy it when she keeps her promises.  i think her favorite part of pride was getting my ugly cry face on facebook.  LOL.

Oh, the many joys of CNC friends.  You have no idea!

We will be back home Sunday, but i’ll have my laptop with me.  😀



One thought on “So funny!

  1. olivia says:

    i like the kitty’s name – and hope you have a fabulous time!!

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