Last night was pretty funny.  Sir Raven texted to tell me she wanted a different meal, and i started working on it.  But when she got home, she devoured her plate and we ate french fries later.  Heh.  It was so yummy.

IMG_0138.JPGi got the kitchen cleaned up and all, and then asked if i could go lay down in bed.  i almost never ask to lay down before her, and she teased me about not taking my nap before granting my request.  i was watching a Tinkerbell movie when she came in and turned on something else.

i woke up and kept calling her for help, but she must have been in the kitchen and never heard me.  i was trying to use my arms to pull myself across the bed because my hip was locked up and i couldn’t move right.  Finally in the living room, she took one look at my pouty face, chuckled, and said gently, “What is wrong with your face, little girl?”  i automatically pulled my face into a smile, which made her chuckle again.  She went and turned on the hot water and made french press for me.  When it was time for her to leave, i greeted the news with my customary, “Boo!” because its her late night.  This time, i pointed out jubilee had something to say on the topic as well-“Boo!”

She told me that there were flash flood warnings for our area and to think about not going out to finish the second half of the laundry.  Sir Raven knows i hate to leave things undone, but i know she hates to issue direct orders about going out to do things for the house.  i stayed in, thankfully.  i hear hale, have walked into everything, have  dropped everything i’ve touched today-including an egg.  Thank Goodness for sippy cups.

The humidity/barometric shift/heat  affects the spasming, my balance, and coordination.  Ugh.

Instead, i’ve worked on things for school.  Emails, looking over loan statements, and looking into other Graduate Programs.  All time consuming stuff, but important.  i occasionally send Sir Raven emails, just so she is aware that i am doing what she said and investigating other options for school.  i haven’t found anything that will work better-yet-and i’m so far into my Master’s degree that i may not have a better choice than to finish it out at my current school.  We’ll see.  i’m feeling very overwhelmed at the moment, so i need to stop and take a nap so i can hopefully think more clearly.


4 thoughts on “Boo!

  1. olivia says:

    Hope the nap helped!

    That plate looks lovely – how nice to have good food to come home to.

    And researching crap on line can be exhausting. i often end up falling into some kind of rabbit hole and getting lost for a long time.

    • jadescastle says:

      Yep, i am there! lol. Down the Rabbit hole times two (one for the TPE trip). Now i’m reading over the GRE bc evidently that is good for the licensure exam. And looking at NYU, which has managed to make too many ideas/options available, none of which are online. Unless i wanted to work in Speech Pathology, and i emphatically do not. i am interested in trauma work-and those specialty programs have to be read carefully. And its just argh! Also, the school LOST my paperwork. i had to find it and re fax. So-no nap. Gonna scoot now.

  2. A Country boy says:

    wow that food looks great !! humidity just sucks, i don’t know how you survive it.

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