We had an amazing gathering at Sir Raven’s Spiritual Birthday.  The ribs came out perfect, falling off the bone.  i thought the jerk chicken was not great, but Sir Raven loved it, which is all that really matters.  i had done well prepping on the things that i knew would be needed, like wine and rum and seasonings.

The only thing i ended up having to run out for at the last minute was salad dressing.

Sir Raven and i worked great as a team, and she mostly stayed out of the kitchen and relaxed after we got the entire house of furniture rearranged to accommodate her guests.  Then, she surprised me by going out for a quick walk and tram ride in the Botanical Gardens.  She photo bombed the photo of the tree i was going for, mightily pleasing me.

The Altar came out so very beautiful that i wish i could put up photos of it here.  i think Sir Raven may frown on that, so i won’t.

The Reading went well, with everyone happy.  That is literally i know or care about.

Her first guests arrived at 5pm and her last guest left at 5am.  Thankfully, Sir Josh and Ro were guests, and i really appreciate Rosanne’s help serving the Elders.  There are times i hit a pain point or am just plain overstimulated to the point that i could forget what a guest asked for on their plate just a moment earlier.  i’m always nervous making plates for that reason, and am always thankful that Ro has my back.  It makes all of the difference in the world to have a kitchen working together well.

Besides cooking and serving food and wine, i also have to keep up with cleaning the kitchen and bathroom.  i’m up and down all night, washing ashtrays or dishes and being mindful about who may want another beer soon or who prefers ice water served with their scotch.  Fortunately, this is my fifth year, and certainly the best yet.

Sir Raven was true to form, letting me know the menu last minute, but i know enough about what is needed to be prepared as best as is possible.  We also went with her Godfather to BJs to buy the bulk of the food, which helped considerably.

i trusted that Sir Raven would let me know what she wanted, did not stress about the event at all, and trusted in my ability to perform what is needed.  Everything went really smoothly, even though there is much to remember about how to serve, because there is both a protocol for who to serve in the Spiritual community and who to serve in our little Leather tribe.  For the first time, Sir Josh’s new girl came to the event, which was a nice surprise.  This was also the first time Karida wasn’t able to make it, but we understood.

When the last guest left at 5am, i set up Sir Raven’s french press, mopped the kitchen floor for the last time, and felt really good.  This was the first time that i didn’t feel like the next days debrief would include admonishments.

i was up early Saturday, given out late night, and served Sir Raven an omelet with peppers, shallots, sausage, and cheese.  She was fairly ravenous by the time she woke up.  Fortunately, she had the weekend to recover from the two Spiritual Events.  The week of her Godfather’s Spiritual Birthday and then Sir Raven’s is a ton of work and the most important time of our year.

It is also a time of reflection on our M/s, because its very telling.  i was able to add no stress or anxiety to the days leading up to both events, leaned in and trusted in us.  Sir Raven noted how smooth everything went, with quick service that was very calm and gracious, and not “too much.”  Given that we had ten guests in a tiny New York apartment, that is commendable for both of us.  When i sat at her feet on my floor pillow, i noted her looking at me with pride.  The next morning, she had come up behind me at the sink, kissing my neck and embracing me, thanking me for her day.  That said it all.

Sir Raven spent the weekend relaxing, and i was quietly waiting on her, cooking and cleaning and resting as best i could.  We were totally worn out.  When my Master is home, there is always a part of me that is listening out for her, mindful of when she might need a snack or drink refill, aware that i will likely be sent out for something she wants or needs at some point.  i’m surprised i didn’t fall into a coma by Monday. 🙂

Sunday we had plans to go back to the Botanical gardens for a long walk, and out for burgers at Applebees.  Unfortunately, i started having extreme pain, bad enough that i couldn’t speak or move.  So, we had to head back upstairs, where we watched a movie instead.  i felt really bad about ruining the day, but i just could hardly breathe the pain got so bad.  Yesterday, i had a rough morning, but the day evened out and i was able to get everything done before Sir Raven arrived home from work.  i made it through three stores of errands, all the chores, and had dinner hot and ready for her.  Whew.

i had planned to go out and do the laundry today, but i’m just beat-and not in a good way.  So i got the rest of the chores done, and figured i’d come write and try to take a nap.  It’s an early day for Sir Raven, and i’m hoping she has some energy for me when she comes home.  We’ll see.




4 thoughts on “Amazing

  1. A Country boy says:

    I am so happy for you , that everything went exceptionally well 🙂 and that was really sweet of your Sir to come up behind you like that, it’s moments like that speak volumes when words themselves can not 🙂 I hope you find some relief from the pain and can get some much needed rest .

  2. It sounds like you rocked it. It’s always nice when your hard work pans out AND is appreciated. She is blessed to have you. I can’t get past the earrings though, is love them!

    • jadescastle says:

      i was wearing different earrings, my favorite pair that Karida bought me for Christmas and i lose a pair. i tried a second pair and lost the left earring again while moving furniture around. This is third pair of the day! lol. Fortunately, all earrings were found and put up safely. Those are super light are comfortable. Sir Raven bought them from a street vender, who hand made them. 🙂 Thanks!

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