Lovely day

i woke up late, since it took me for-ev-er to fall asleep last night.  Everything felt sick and sore when i finally made it out of bed and stumbled toward the french press, which was cold.  i was happy to have anything to drink to get the meds going, at that point.  i sat on my playpen and rocked myself for an hour or so, my body not wanting to do anything but go back to bed and sleep.

Slavery called, however, and it’s farmer’s market day.  Outside, the weather was brutally humid.  i had to get all of the morning chores done and showered.  i had pulled my hair up into a pony tail to keep it off my face and neck, but it was so humid it took hours and hours to dry.  i wish i could say the same about my shirt, which was wet with sweat coming back home with Sir Raven’s little pie, tomatoes, fresh corn on the cob, and cinnamon rolls for her to take to work.  She has had a ton of meetings this week, and i know that takes a lot out of her, so i thought an extra treat was in order. 🙂

When i got everything put up, it was time to head right back out to the laundry mat, where i managed to find the last washing machine which wasn’t a double-loader.  Hours of my life are spent doing laundry since i have to haul it down to the corner, take a bus two miles, do the wash and folding, and make it back home and up the stairs with it all.  The day was made far better by a phone call from Karida, setting up plans for her birthday celebration Friday.  And i got to have a lovely long texting chat with another friend.  It amazing what history we have, since i’ve known her since my early twenties, and its hilarious how often we jinx each other. It’s oddly comforting for someone to know my past, someone who has actually talked with my mother, talked with my kidnapper, seen my ups and downs and that i’ve seen hers.  And yet, we have never laid eyes on each other, despite years of so many hugs over the phone.  So, we are working out a way to change that, because a real life hug is needed.  😀

Karida and i have birthday plans for her, and it involves lots of girl-time fun, like going to Dylan’s Candy Store for ice cream and a new store full of hair stuff and accessories.  It should be fun.  Plus, i’m excited to give her birthday gifts to her.  i’ve had them for awhile, but there are a few extras i want to add in, and i need to wrap it all.  This will be the first year we are not going to Tiffanys but we are going to have one of her favorite meals for lunch before we load up on candy and ribbons.  🙂

Sir Raven is still out.  She went to a Spiritual Birthday for a Priest who always comes to her Spiritual Birthday.  i think this is important, and am always glad they make that time for each other.  Since i know she is being fed and is enjoying the company, i went out and got a much needed pedicure.  Because–damn–i was looking horrible.  i still need to get my nails done (it is actually a rule) but i ran out of time.  They got new massaging chairs since i was there last and it was delicious.

i stopped on the way home for a subway sandwich, which i can’t even recall the last time i did that.  i also got the best ice cream on the planet: Mr. Softee (might be the only good time for that name to be said).  i like mine dipped in cherry and sprinkles.  Pure heaven for 2.50.  Bliss all the way.

i’m trying to take care of myself in small ways that feel big.  i very often put myself last on the list, so its important that i practice doing what i can to feel good.

It was so nice to come home, look around at how nice the house looks, everything clean and in place, and just put my pjs on and eat and relax.  Sir Raven’s Spiritual Birthday and the time leading up to it are a stressful time for her, and by default for me.  i’ve learned that i need to lean in, trust us, and make sure we both have adequate rest after it is done.  i’m getting my rest bits in here and there.  i work so hard at making everything effortless for her, everything done well, and i need to recharge myself too.  What i really need, of course, is my Master to feel good and be able to put energy back into us.  We both could use some major playtime, and i’ve asked, but i’m politely waiting for her to have the energy for us.  😀




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