One thing at a time

i’ve had to remind myself plenty today that i can actually only do one thing at a time.  My classes started back today and i had to do the obligatory introductions, discovered one professor got switched out last minute, turned in my first assignment in one class, and refrained from asking my professor what kind of an Asshole assigns five chapters to read in the first week? in the “Ask the Instructor” section.

i have two classes to juggle, concerns that the fever and intermittent pain could be another  (!) bladder infection, and am trying to prep for our MSC trip.  We don’t actually leave until Thursday, but there was stuff i had to get done today, like pick out cigars for the Masters, try on outfits for Sir Raven to approve of,  and get my mani/pedi done.  i look like me again and SR was pleased that i finally got my nails done.  i sort of-didn’t go-the last two months or so to get my nails done.

When Sir Raven texted me to ask if  was going to take care of that today, i realized it wasn’t a polite inquiry and made time to get it done.

It’s usually really pleasant getting my nails done but sometimes it’s way overstimulating because i am just not used to being touched, don’t like my feet touched, and i never know if it is gonna be a good experience or an overstimulating one until i’m already doing it.  Heh.  It doesn’t matter, really, its a rule and if i go regularly like i am supposed to i don’t have bad experiences often.

i had to spend the last week reading and reading and breathing through the low level anxiety that happens when school starts and also whenever we are leaving the house for a trip.  Sir Raven swears she didn’t make the latter item happen on purpose but i suppose it is part of being an empath and hers.  The two things happening at the same time is a bit to juggle because it means i need to work ahead of everyone else and get things turned in earlier than even the normal time constraints, which is why i wasn’t thrilled about the five chapters in one class.  i also had to fit in extras like pharmacy runs, making food to bring so i’m not trying to cook for five, and trying to figure out how to handle my guilt and anger at myself for binging after a great weight loss week by not doing a repeat performance.  The best way to ensure that i binge is guilt and anger, so i’ve gotta just let it go.

Tomorrow is another day.  i’m done working for tonight, in pjs, and will join Sir Raven who has been in bed since a little after 6.  Tomorrow, if i’m still cramping, i guess i will figure out how to fit going to the walk-in and seeing if i need antibiotics again.



3 thoughts on “One thing at a time

  1. olivia says:

    I’m guessing you’re busy doing one thing at a time – but i’m missing your voice. ❤ Hope all is well.

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