Spring, please.

i had the doctor yesterday.  i really like my pain management doctor and junior doctor.  i’ve gotten used to being there alone, though it took many months for that to happen.  i am comfortable enough to tell her i’m grumpy, having nightmares, meds messed up.

She assures me it is a normal side effect, all of it is, and she feels bad about the med delivery system that sucks, but that everyone is being pushed in that direction and away from a pharmacy.  She says it will take two weeks for me to feel normal again.

i feel too bad to point out it is memories coming at me at night.  i don’t need her thinking i’m crazy and even people that should know better do it.  Somehow, other people abusing you as a child makes them jump to the conclusion it is you.

It stormed most of yesterday, there is a wind advisory today, and snow with frigid temps tomorrow.  i’m thinking i need to do laundry today and just make it work.  Sir Raven let me order a few dresses and other little things, and my pretty Spring dress arrived.  Now, if Spring could just get here for me to wear it!




3 thoughts on “Spring, please.

  1. David says:

    Come to Virginia. It is Spring here. The daffodils are out and forsythia and
    Bradford pear trees are blossoming.

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