Daddy Ira’s questions

1. If you could live anywhere where would it be.
2. Who is your favorite Disney character?
3. Do you like your little or your big side?
Just a few stupid questions I think I know the answers to the hard questions. Love you ❤
1.  If i could live anywhere it would be the hotel in Disney that you love so much or in Manhattan.  i like the upper east side.
2. Favorite Disney Character…and darn this is hard…but Cinderella.  She was always wearing a collar, happy to serve and care for everyone, just happier to do it in a nicer dress and shoes.  After that i have a real love for Winne the Pooh and tinkerbelle.
3. Hmmm…my gut reaction is to say i like my little side best because that is where i have an actual personality, am funny, silly, playful, and not only focused on work, work, work.  i don’t think my fully big side has much personality, other than being very warm and empathic and hard working-but there is nothing else to me really.  That being said, i’d pick any and all parts of me for a friend.
You know lots and lots. ❤

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