More Q and A from my favorite Butch Boi

1-texting with me or Facebookings with me?
Hmmm.  Texting, even though i feel bad for your Daddy having to read all of our texts.  Facebook lets us chat too, so i’m happy either way.
2- if Daddi let me visit you for 1 day what would you do with me?
Depends on the season.  For sure, i’d want to take you to some of my favorite happy places-Alice’s Tea House and the Schwartzman NYPL Library.  Alices Tea House is fantastic and the entire place is decorated in Alice in Wonderland and the food is amazing.  The Lions Building has an amazing gift store, one of my favorites in the city, and the childrens section makes me happy.  The original Winne the pooh and family live there too.
3- ifn you caught me flirtin with a guy (or girl) online, would you tell my Daddi on me? *smirk*
If i knew you had a rule in place about flirting, then i’d remind you that you needed to fix it.  Ultimately, though, if you were doing something i knew was against rules and would hurt you then i would tell.  i would tell because if your Daddy cannot trust us together, then there is no reason to let us play together.  And because i want you to be safe, so that means helping you be accountable to what you agreed to.
With all of that said though i think your Daddy seems really confident, comfortable with playfulness and sexuality overall, and i don’t think they would much care.  Or that is my impression.  i don’t believe in creating issues for anyone.
4- serious question… if a group was started on FB where experienced Dom/Dommes, subs/slaves etc. could share their knowledge with the inexperienced younger people who are trying to enter the world of BDSM – D/s- DD/lg etc , would you be interested in becoming a contributor and helping answer questions and educate these annoying little shits …. ahem , I mean the inexperienced over-enthusiastic little eager beavers ? (you can keep me on a short leash too cuz I am not as patient and sweet as you)
The short answer is yes, i would.  The longer answer is that i may not always want to deal with new people, and i think that many resources already exist.  i’m thinking you have some sort of plan, so yes, i’d help if i can.

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