Tender moments


This was a big week, and seemed somehow very long.  Sir Raven brought me to work with her midweek, to City Hall, to support people giving testimony on the importance of literacy.  We got to sit on the balcony and look over, take pictures on my beautiful phone.  She got me starbucks, which was kind, since i woke up at 6am.  Then we went with her staff for a long lunch at Chipolte.  Yummy.

i didn’t nap all week.  I tried once, when she came home and i got her settled.  i asked her to come get me in half an hour and laid down in the dark bedroom.  She came to get me much later, kissing my forehead.  Sleepily, i asked her if was bad.  “No, baby.  You are never bad.  I don’t know why you worry so much about being bad.”  i padded out to the kitchen, finished dinner, and then was wide awake.  i’ve been sitting up late working each night, unable to sleep enough or well, all week.

Today, she put me down in my playpen.  She tucked me in gently, kissed me, made sure i had Jubilee, and turned on a show we listen to together.  i stayed woke, had to get up and pee, needed more juice in my sippy, needed to get tucked in again.  And again.  And a few more times.

i hadn’t realized how exhausted i am, until she made me lay down and at least rest quite a bit today.  Tonight, i thanked her.  Sometimes, she goes out of her way to be tender.  Today, she made me waffles, heated up leftovers, insisted i stay on my playpen and rest.  It was really needed, and i’m thankful.  ❤


4 thoughts on “Tender moments

  1. Cinn says:

    I think that is the first post where I have seen real love and kindness shown to you from SR. I hope that continues

    Made me very happy for you ❤

  2. Ira says:

    WOW what a beautiful post. Her making you feel little must make you feel really good and I am so happy for you. It’s a shame it just not like that all the time but you take it when you can get it. Much love ❤

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