Good times

Sir Raven and i have been massively busy.  Every moment i wasn’t reading research, doing chores, doing laundry, we were out doing events.

We are both quiet homebodies and Sir Raven really, really doesn’t like crowds, so there is a lot of stuff that we don’t go out and do.

June is the exception.

Thursday we had a bar night for the Onxy Pearls, which turned out to be really nice.  i played with a spinner all night and found it soothing in my hands while i chatted, and ran out for food for the Masters.  It was a long night, took us 20 minutes to hail a cab, and then we got caught in horrible traffic after an accident.  We were so exhausted when we got home, she went straight to bed.  i wrote three papers for class that day, and had another chapter to finish reading before i could sleep.

Friday we were supposed to go to a Leather Invasion, but Sir Raven came home early from work not feeling well and napped for hours.  She often comes home and rests, goofs around on her laptop or whatever, and she may lay down.  But she almost never really sleeps, especially not for hours.  i wasn’t too surprised when she changed her mind about going out, and decided to try and get all of the weekly chores completed early, get certified with NIH on using human subjects in research done (six tests! six!), and head out shopping for snacks.  The week before had been so disgustingly hot that i had not done laundry, and we had extra loads from covering the leather sofas with sheets.  Four loads washed, folded, and put up.  All of the house dusted, two hours spent fixing and cleaning our room, entire house mopped, walls washed, and meals planned.  Then i quietly went out at 10:30 to get fancy cigars and everything i needed for the picnic at Folsom.

i forgot the bus quit running back home at 11pm, and ended up walking the mile home with a whole foods cooler bag.  i sort of tip toed in, got everything put away, and then the curtains fell down with an enormous bang!  Sir Raven slept through me opening the door-which NEVER happens-and that giant noise too.  By the time i had all of the summer sausage, cheeses, and stuff cut up and the fruits washed, it was going on 2am.

Saturday brought storms, and me running out for bottled water and wine in it.  i was getting a bit stressed, because we had invited Sir Josh and Ro to Chihuly Nights, and those tickets were not refundable or transferable.  Once it seemed to calm down, and Sir Raven suggested i go out for the remaining few things i needed to purchase.  The very second i opened the door, the sky opened and it rained even harder than during my first soggy trip out.  Boo.   Then, a happy little miracle-the rains ended and the temperature cooled.  We went out for burgers from a delicious food truck inside the gardens, listened to a really cool steampunk/techno sounding band, and walked 5 miles through stunning exhibits.  i took so many pictures but wordpress is not cooperating with me so i’ll be posting them on my tumblr.  We didn’t end up getting home until around 11pm, and i was so immersed in taking a test that i never noticed out guests leave.  Oops.

Sunday was Folsom, and while the weather was supposed to be storms all day, the Leather Gods smiled upon us and we had just rancid heat instead.  i got to see Karida and her Daddy, Lady Sabrina, and other friends.  i was happy we had a tent, that Sir Raven let me shop and i finally (FINALLY) got her the cuff i have been waiting permission for two years to buy! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Sir Raven let me walk around with Karida and her Daddy, which was nice.  It let me have the time i needed to ask questions, look at goods, and decide which cuff i think she would want to flag with.  Shout out to Rubio Leather for quality leather goods and customer service.

Karida surprised me with a beautiful card and a teddy bear for my birthday.  She knows how sad i have been about my sister bear, and hoped my new friend would help a bit.  i named her Summer Rain. ❤ She is fitting in here perfectly and loves to take naps.

Sir Raven even got me an ice cream cone and i have to admit it was the best vanilla ice cream i have ever had in my life!!

Yesterday was just a nice quiet day at home.  Sir Raven went out and got me a slice of  chocolate cake with chocolate icing after i served our coffee.  She was wanting to get me a cupcake, but they didn’t have any 😦  Still-one can never go wrong with chocolate cake.  i had worked so hard on everything that she agreed that i needed some time to not work.  So we watched movies, i got to color (!), and i ran out for Chinese takeout in between more storms and a flash flood.

Today, Sir Raven had a check up and is doing great.  i texted her to ask if she wanted to have another yummy burger and finally get a first-of-the-year tram ride in.  She called me to say that she was just  thinking the same thing.  We do that a lot lately, and it feels sensational.  So, we trotted off to the botanical gardens, enjoyed lunch, and enjoyed the perfect weather.

i did not enjoy the obnoxious woman on line for the tram talking about Trump, and how she came to  New York to sit on the golden toilet in Trump Tower, put in a wig, and take pictures. i’m not sure what bothers me more-that i had to listen to this story, that we have a President of the United States who is a low brow tourist attraction, or that the big mouth telling the story voted for him.  

i had a moment where i wanted to turn into Charlie, from Firestarter, and just extinguish her.  i wasn’t even nullified when she admitted her error in voting for an asshat.

Fortunately, Sir Raven gave me her wireless headphones just then, and i finally got to sit down and listen to music and rock until the tram came.  Thankfully, my replacement part for my birthday earbuds are coming today.  i’m telling you, its an introvert needful thing.

Tomorrow, the botanical gardens farmers market it back! Pie season for SR.  And sauce!

i told her that we have our blogging anniversary today, five years at WP.

You know how i think we should celebrate?  (Me, sweet smile)

By Blogging? (Sir Raven, nonplussed)









4 thoughts on “Good times

  1. boi-princess says:

    and Happy Birthday here too xoxoxo so what? 21 now?…. I dunno how you do that, be so busy you do more in 1 hour than jannie n me do in a day… you are so lucky to live in NY, I do believe it is the best place in the universe, it’s so boring here in Canada…. nuthin but gophers and snowbanks lol, Happy Bloggy anniversary’s! 5 years … wow, thats awesomes!! Thank you for sharing your pictures and for tracking down that Storm Trooper…. that was the bee’s knees!! I really like when you get pictures of your Sir and you, she is handsome that is for sures, n you are beautiful, I also like that gardens pictures we have nothing like that here.

    • jadescastle says:

      thank you! Yes, i agree that NYC is the best city in the world. i’m glad i got to share Folsom East with you in pictures. And of course, i agree that Sir Raven is the most beautiful person in the world. i may be a wee bit biased, but she really is handsome. ❤

  2. Ira says:

    I am so glad to hear that you had such a spectacular birthday and that you and Raven are getting out more often. NYC is such a cultural place to live and I am glad you both take advantage of what beauty you have there. We have Disney and you have the botanical gardens {I know you love disney more LOL!!). I love to hear you right such wonderful things about your relationship. It seems to me that since you moved things have really changed. Love you and miss you ❤

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