This last week has been really, really rough on me.  It’s been very hot, very humid, and left me feeling like my everything hurts.  My bones hurt, skin hurts, teeth, hair, everything.

Pain meds barely took even the edge off.  i struggled through chores, had a terrible time sleeping through the night, and spent far too many hours curled up in a ball.

On the plus side, i have some fantastic support.

My very lovely kitty friend always makes me feel special, and just having chronic health issues there is a lot we understand about each others lives.  Just not knowing if you will wake up with any energy at all is taxing mentally.  It means a lot to me to just be understood.

Earlier in the week, Sir Raven came home with an amazon box.  Inside, was a snuggly perfect pooh.  Delighted beyond measure, i texted my favorite kitty.  As it turns out, the amazon seller was new, and had mailed me two poohs.  One was sent to her house by mistake.

Except, i don’t think it was a mistake.  i think Winnie wanted to bring me all of their hugs, cuz her Master is a giant teddy bear and hugged winnie too.

So, while we waited for the mail to send me a second surprise box, “Imposter Pooh” was cuddled and snuggled and loved mightily.  That is, before Sir Raven decided that Imposter Pooh needed to become hers, along with the Winnie i got at the Magic Kingdom, and am not allowed to touch without permission.

Sir Raven says i have girl cooties, and she doesn’t want her poohs contaminated.

i was beside myself with excitement when the second box came, and it was covered in stickers.  The card had stickers i could feel.  i’m not one of those kinds of girls who gets misty often.  i can sit in a room full of crying females and am the only dried eye person there.  However, i am very sentimental.  i knew that putting stickers that were bright and big, and ones i could feel was deliberate.  It meant so much to me, that i got misty.

Then, inside, was a new pooh.  This one i get to keep.!  Sir Raven said so.  Horrah.

Now, Sir Raven has 3 poohs.  One from the Magic Kingdom that she stole, one from kitty and her Master, and a teeny keychain with a half blind winnie.  Sir Raven pinned her name tag onto the “real pooh,” and decided mine is now the Imposter.


Anyhow, i have a winnie of my own now, and he is soft and velvet and doesn’t get thrown out of the bed by Sir Raven.  And i have a baby winnie from Karida.

Winnie-the-imposter and Summer Rain are fast friends already.  And on the Master’s side of the room, OG pooh and new pooh are developing a hot bromance.  See? Dreams do come true.

You know what else was in the box?

A ball with a taco inside of it.  And it lights up when it hits the ground!!

Guys, do you know how much a giant whiffle ball hurts when you get hit in the face teaching your boys how to play ball?  Just take my word for it.  Nerf is also not so great.  But taco ball?  Man, i wish i had it with my boys.  We lost a lot of balls together.  Heh.

i was playing with it just this morning when Sir Raven reminded me that people live under us.  i thought waiting until 9:30 in the morning to be quite considerate, since i had been up at 8.

My new dress arrived and i finally feel like i’m not dying and/or don’t want to die and am wearing it.  So soft.  So light.   i can’t wait for Sir Raven to come home and see it.  It’s a summer slave tunic.  🙂

i ended up taking two pain pills this morning, so i could shower, dress, and get marketing done.  Whatever.  i just don’t give a shit.  i can’t spend my life in a ball, rereading the same thing fifty times and not being able to get anything sensible down on paper.

My work is a full week behind, owing to the previous week from hell.  i’m not sure what the instructors will accept from me.  Fingers crossed.

Sir Raven has cooked dinner twice last week, was lax about me getting the clean laundry put up, and was overall understanding.  However, there is a limit to her understanding and i very clearly heard the warning tone in her voice this morning when she was leaving for work.  She expects me caught up in school-period.

So, i’m trying.  Just sitting here and writing this is more mental work than i have produced all of last week, really.  which is a shame because i really tried.  i also had tech issues, which i think i finally figured out.

i am just really grateful to have a Master who loves me anyhow, understands the best she can, and friends who make my cup runneth over.

And teddy bears.  ❤


2 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. I hope that your days gets better physically, but I am so so glad that I can be there for you at times. Master Pravus and me are so happy you and Sir Raven like your Poohs. You are both so worth it and the smiles on your faces fill my heart with joy. 💖 Hugs to you both! AND for your bears (Well, maybe no hug for Sir Raven’s bear, not without permission anyway. ❤)

    • jadescastle says:

      i betcha she would let you or Ro hug Winnie. i think it is just my girl cooties she worries about, even though we are fluid bonded and have shared a toothbrush a time or two. Doesn’t that mean i’ve already infected her? Her poohs are having a hot and heavy bromance, which i caught them in yesterday, and sent her pictures at work!

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