Lunch with friends <3

First, if you missed my post, “For Kaya,” i would really appreciate it if you took the time and read that so you have the opportunity to write letters or share it.

We are back from Residency in Atlanta and leave again tomorrow for MSC.  The best part of Residency was finally meeting Olivia.  Amtrak did a horrible job of getting us there but at least we arrived at the hotel safely.  SR and i had been thinking we would have been there a day earlier to rest, maybe get dinner with Olivia and her lovely partner, and have the whole next day together.  Nope.  So we arrived, i hastily unpacked, and ran for coffee because at that point, i had been awake for 24 hours straight.

Still, i was so very excited because-seriously-getting a hug in with Olivia in real life is on my bucket lists top five important things to do.  ❤

What was really interesting, to me, was lunch felt like this was our fiftieth lunch together.  Like we couldn’t have possibly just touched for the first time minutes ago.  SR said the same thing, and she isn’t known for having that experience often in life.  i am never bitchy when exhausted, but my impulsive and playful side really comes out, so i can only imagine it was like having lunch with a 5 year old.  Shrugs.  That is why i warn people.  heh.  i was super upset because when i went to pack up little things i have collected for Olivia over the years, i realized i was missing something.  Plus, i thought i would have had hours at the hotel to unpack, shower, and then wrap her gifts in purple tissue paper but Amtrak got us to Atlanta many hours late.   Anyhow, i have to love someone to wrap their gifts, because it takes me a really long time, and it always looks like hell.  Still, i didn’t want the teeny treasures unwrapped, and my idea was to simply have it all together in the missing bag and just hand it to her to open later.  Unobtrusive, right?

So, it didn’t work that way.  The universe had another plan in mind, so i got to explain everything.  i sent her a tiny cloth envelope, with a stone in it to promote balance and communication and a tiny medal the size of a dime, that has the Angel Gabriel on it.  It jumped out at me in a metaphysical store years ago, when i obviously didn’t know what the medal read, only that it demanded my attention.  When i was told it was the Angel Gabriel, my heart runneth over and spilled out of my eyes in happiness for my soul and my nephews soul touching.  i kept it with me, so it likely feels like me.  It’s basic physics, not woo.  😛

i had wanted to give Olivia something from the heart, and there isn’t much closer to my heart than my first born nephew Gabriel.  So instead of just handing her a bag of teeny treasures, i had to try and explain that without getting teary.

She remarked that she didn’t bring me gifts.  i immediately reminded her she IS THE GIFT because she drove at least 8 hours to have lunch with me.  At first, when Amtrak messed up, i thought she would cancel.  But she didn’t.  So-literally-she is the person in my life who would drive 8 hours to see me for two.

i loved that she got to finally meet the Great Sir Raven.  i loved even more that Sir Raven asked me later what Olivia’s thoughts were about her, and about us, because that is the only time she has ever asked me something like that.  SR trusts about as easily as i do, and cares about the opinion of people who are in her circle only, like me.  So i really loved that part.

Despite the fact that i have warned Olivia for years that i make people choke on or spit out water (especially my therapists) laughing, i got her!  And i wasn’t even trying!! Score one for little jade. ❤

Olivia is incredibly lovely, and i was very aware of some maternal feelings toward me, even though she is smart enough to have kept her feet on the ground with me over the years.  She has the same wit, humor, and genuine presence in person as i have grown to love and trust.  When we hugged, it was a real hug, and neither of us are particularly huggers.  She has a smile that lights up the room, and a sense of being comfortable in her skin.  Not many women have that, and having it myself i know how hard that is to learn how to do.  i found myself wondering if she could see the scars on my hand, from an iron burn at 14, which was weird because i almost never think of that unless something brings it up.  It didn’t bother me, really, but i found myself thinking that and wishing that we were heading out after lunch to take a leisurely walk on the beach to collect shells together.

i loved being aware in the moment that Sir Raven was so comfortable with her that she would always have a place to stay in NYC before i even asked.  It was that natural-and that never happens.  We are intensely private people.

Sir Raven was, of course, her most charming self.  At one point, she asked me what i might like to drink, which is generally her tacit way of telling me that i can request soda. Permission denied.  😦  Though i had just had a starbucks, so really it wasn’t all that mean. Also i was wired already on sleep deprivation and sugar.

Lunch was over far too soon for all of us, i think.  Then i got to meet her D, who has a very soothing presence and a brain i could feel taking in about a million things per second.   It was really kind of him to indulge us girls and help make this bucket list happen.

i think, once we get our finances ahead a bit, that i would have a pretty easy time of talking Sir Raven into a little trip to visit them.  i’ve been to Where-they-live before, loved it, and know for sure SR would love it as well.  There are a ton of B and B’s and we could be alone and walk on the beach and collect shells together.  So, new bucket list item. 🙂



14 thoughts on “Lunch with friends <3

  1. Ira says:

    So glad you got to meet a dear friend. It sounds like you had a lot of fun. love and huggs.

  2. boi-princess says:

    yayyyy to meet friends 🙂 I am so happy for you xoxo

  3. olivia says:

    You’ve left me speechless, which you know doesn’t happen very often. I am so glad we got to meet – it was totally worth it. I’ll write more about it from my side eventually (God knows when…) i was so delighted to get to meet SR and you in person, i can’t even tell you. i love you.

  4. olivia says:

    AND I would LOVE for you and SR to come visit my town. I think she would love it too. And we’d love to see you both again. So you should definitely do it.

    • jadescastle says:

      Sweet! New Bucket list item, for sure. ❤ Your D really is lovely, and his brain was positively buzzing, taking in everything at once, and thinking about everything but what he was charmingly talking about. Heh. That was fun to see.
      i managed to get Amtrak to give us a voucher for the craptastic return trip home, so we have 200 credit toward another trip. 🙂 Yay!

  5. jadescastle says:

    Yes well as it turns out, I had to duck into the store at the gardens shop today to get out of the rain. The weenies canceled the farmers market because of the rain. And inside was something perfect-I think. So suffer! ❤️

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