Monday while walking to the train with a co-worker he asked what I would be doing for New Year’s Eve?

Which seems  the only small talk folks do this time of year, I don’t go out I explained, doing that kind of thing has never been something I liked. And the few times I did, I was bored. I did once spend the evening at a hotel overlooking time square which was fun, but that too was a long time ago.

Because one does have to ask back I did. He will be spending the evening with his family, “money in one hand the bible in the other,” he said. We said our good nights, on the train ride home I wondered if others have a ritual they do on New Year’s Eve? I know Black folks do, and from what I’ve heard from my Spanish-speaking friends they do as well.

I have a ritual that I do, but would love to hear of, if any rituals that are done by others on New Year’s Eve?


Peer to Peer

I was listening to a pod cast the other day and the topic was what makes a good master. Now this is very subjective since what I think makes a good master and what someone else thinks makes a good master will vary. And that’s cool. But something that was said made me think is it old school to assume that those who call themselves masters are responsible for those they call their slaves?

I think they are, and I also think there is a way at least there was in the past how it was handled.  My slave is a living representation of me, likewise so are their actions. If another master who doesn’t have authority over my slave feels that my slave needs some correction to some transgression they should and would come to me. They come to me because

1. I’m my slaves master and

2. Because they (the master) are my peer, not my slaves peer.

I’ve been sitting on a situation for some time now and like the master who was speaking in the pod cast I fear it’s not going to be pretty and I’m going to  loss someone I think highly about. But as Cat woman said in Batman Returns to Bruce Wayne and I’m paraphrasing I’d love to be with you and live with you and have a respectable life, but I wouldn’t respect my self in the morning. And the bottom line is can I respect someone who knowing will allow their “slave” to disrespect others.

It leaves a bad taste in my mouth which may be why I haven’t made a call, or it may just be that I don’t want to deal with being lied to, or the excuses that come with it.

So what makes a good master? That’s for a different post